A few days back, I watched the movie ‘Pink’ which was, I feel, one of the few bollywood movies which were successful in creating an impact on my mind. It touched my heart; from acting of the cast to the immaculately crafted story, everything. What it said really matters a lot in our daily life. The issue presented was related to one of the many complex problems of today’s society – women freedom.

If we examine thoroughly we can clearly make out the differences our society exhibits in treating the women as compared to the men. There are so many restrictions posed upon the women and the men are free to do whatever they want to. Women shouldn’t go alone at night anywhere otherwise they themselves are responsible whatever tragedy may happen because they are the ‘tragedy-creators’! And men? They are simply the innocent persons who couldn’t control their emotions seeing those ‘strange’ women going alone at night! This is the irony our society bears.

It is the high time our society started thinking over this critical issue of women freedom. We are so much of a coward to acquit ourselves merely by transferring the charge over women’s heads and we do that often and also with the great success without attracting any criticism, and if the little criticism exists that’ll not do any good until the general public starts thinking in that way. A few’s voice will be forgotten soon.

When any girl talks in a friendly way or is very open in her views, she is often considered as a person of the dubious authenticity. She will be questioned by everyone: from her family to the persons unknown, she’ll be criticized. Doesn’t she has the right to do what she feels right as she’s mature? She has the right but the marred one – by us. That includes restrictive outgoings at night for them; wearing of the clothes of the type which has been defined by our ‘wise’ people; talking with the men – other than family members –  in the restrictive manner; and many more.

While the younger generation is opening up about this issue, our older generation seems not to allow them to change their rules obtained from the ‘experience’ of so many years. When some serious incidents happen in Delhi, these wise people say that if the women don’t follow their rules then the things which otherwise wouldn’t have been happened will happen but they will not say anything about the control the men need not to do such nasty things. Everyone in this world has the right to make herself happy, be it a man or a woman but we do not provide the equal opportunity for both sexes, we tend to be biased toward the males giving them ‘horrible’ rights while snatching those rights from the females(and I am not even considering the other most crucial section of people whose basic rights are even considered as criminal acts and whose natural practices may put themselves into a socially embarrassing situation – the transgenders).

If we want fair and just society then we must put our malpractices aside and work toward equality. We must find some ground solution to this issue and there are other problems ready to find solutions of! And the younger generation is already taking steps forward regarding this which in fact is the matter of proud for them and that day is not so far when the just societal system will come into existence if we join them, as soon as possible.

At last a few lines from the movie…

Tu khud ki khoj me nikal,
Tu kis liye hatash hei,
Tu chal,
Tere wajud ki samay ko bhi talash hai,
Samay ko bhi talash hai.

(You understand your true potential, why do you become desperate, you just step on, the time also is waiting desperately for the great moment of your beautiful existence.)

Published by NIKUNJ GAJERA

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