Are you selfish?

Are you selfish?

Is it worth it? My time and effort for what I do to earn a living. I'm not the only one to do things that I don't like for people whom I love the most, my family. Everyone have their fair share of struggle in their lives.

Many philosophy gurus have an idea of taking struggle in a positive way. The rewards that you reap at the end of the struggle makes it worth. All these makes perfect sense.

But, there is a moment in everyone's life, when they realize that they forgot to spend time for themselves. They did terrible things which they didn't like, just to make sure others get what they needed. That very moment comes right when you realize there're limited days to live.

Every relationship that you care for is worth dying for, including your relationship with your own self. Do spend time on yourself. If you sacrifice your time when you enjoy, other will utilize your time so that they enjoy. Is it worth it?

Published by Nimil Parikh

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