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I am a 30 something year old woman who has quite a few passions that are so random and differ greatly from each other but define perfectly who I am as a person.  While some may call me confused, I think of myself as unique :)

I live, eat and breathe music. I sing, dance and play a few different instruments. This is my creative, artistic and free spirited side. Although, I never wanted to pursue music as a life/career choice, it's the way I unwind.
I have a degree in Criminal Psychology. Human mind and behavior is something I've always wanted to study and pursue as a career. This is my inquisitive, what makes people tick and act the way they do, always trying to understand why things the way they are side.
After changing careers, I ended up in cancer research world which is something that's very close and dear to my heart. This shows my caring, genuine, and kind nature but being able to stay emotionless when needed side.
And then I have a strong passion for all this beauty and fashion. Which shows that I always carry myself with class and respect and a bit of sass too. You can see more of this at my fashion/beauty blog


I am originally from former Yugoslavia (warchild) but grew up and currently live in Toronto.

I love to read and write and having all these different experiences and passions, I will bring you various topics, so there will be something for everyone to relate to.

Nina xo

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