Curly Hair Care

Curly Hair Care

Aug 8, 2016, 8:11:40 PM Life and Styles

I grew up for the most part hating the fact that I had curly hair. As a young adult, all I ever wished for was long, silky straight hair that I can tie back in a sleek ponytail that would sway side to side as I walk! Sounds silly, right? Most of my friends had straight hair and I just loved it. I think curly hair girls all went through hating their hair stage.

I used to cry to my mom at how puffy my hair was (mind you there was no flat iron in Croatia when I was 13) so my technique to straight was to tie my hair really really tight until my head hurt and go to sleep like that hoping it would flatten out.

My mom would tell me that curly hair is beautiful and that people go and pay to have their hair curly.

Well so around 18 I dyed my hair for the first time. Well, bleach then dye and wore it bright red on and off for 10 years. Needless to say, bleach damage was serious. With time, my curls relaxed and while once upon a time they were beautiful spiral ringlet curls, now were more of waves. This is when I said

"What the hell have you done?" I was so sad and it made me appreciate my hair so much once I lost it. I was determined to do damage control so I read up on all sorts of oil masks and treatments and I did repair my hair!!! You'd think I stop there, right? Nope.


I was addicted to dyeing my hair and once I saw the miracle coconut oil can do, I was like meh, I can damage it AND repair it lol.

Well that cost me because after all that abuse, my curls are nothing like they used to be and never will be.

My hair is still curly but nothing how it was. However, now I know how to take care of my hair, what products to use and techniques to apply. I know it sounds all science-y but curly hair is unique and it takes special care and special products. You can't just put on whatever and treat it however.


So after all the trial and tribulations here is the curly hair routine that I implement and some tips to help you along the way!


1. Less is more! Do not use too many products because your hair will get confused and none of them will work!

2. Use alcohol-free, all natural products. No harsh substances on your curls. They are more fragile than straight strands and need extra care.

3. Be gentle when washing and drying your hair. Do not tug on it, or brush it while dry - ever!

4. Do not towel dry, but instead use a cotton shirt. It eliminates frizz.

5. Do not wash your hair (shampoo) often at all. Shampoo once a week. Co-wash it every other day.
Co - washing is washing your hair with conditioner. The reason for this is that curly hair is naturally more dry and shampoo tends to dry out your hair more so.

6. Conditioning is the key! Moisture and hydrate!

7. Regular trims. Curly hair cuts if you have a curly hair salon available near you. I know that some of you may not be familiar with a curly hair cut.. Look it up please! It'll change your life! lol

Products :

I swear by Shea Moisture product line. It's all natural. Smells amazing and it simply does wonders. They have a product for every type of curl and any kind of state your hair may be in.
I have tried all kind of different products but this is what I love the most.

My routine:

1. Wash my hair (once a week) with Shea Moisture Curly Hair Shampoo

2. While hair is still soaking wet, I apply leave in conditioner in it and scrunch scrunch scrunch all the water out (yes while it's soaking wet, because that way it'll retain the product better)

3. After I am done scrunching with my hands, I apply a bit more leave in and then scrunch with an old cotton shirt

4. Lastly, I'll apply a styling cream (Shea Moisture Curling soufflé, or Shea Moisture curling milk) and repeat the scrunching

5. Lastly, I diffuse. And the way you diffuse is also important. Flip upside down, side to side and do it slowly and gently!!!

Once a week I do coconut oil hair mask. I apply coconut oil all over, make sure I saturate my ends real well and keep it for about 2 hours. Rinse!


If there are any curly hair girls, let me know products and technique you use. I'd love to hear!

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Nina xo

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