Skin issues and the amazing Sea Buckthorn Cream?

Skin issues and the amazing Sea Buckthorn Cream?

I suffer from rosacea. As millions of people do. So what is rosacea? Well, it's a chronic skin condition that affects your face primarily. It's characterized by facial redness which may initially start as your cheeks being slightly rosey. But it doesn't really stop at that. The flushing oftentimes is really red and accompanied by big itchy pus filled bumps. They are not pimples but rather big red pumps filled with liquid.

It's not acne, it's not eczema, it's not a rash. It's ROSACEA.
Now let me tell you how it feels for me face feels hot but so does my throat and my entire head! It's like I have a fever and my entire head is burning. The bumps itch and burn and come in clusters. Nothing can cover it up and make it look better. When you have an outbreak it looks terrible as if you have broken out in a rash.

So why do people get rosacea? Yup you guessed it, just like with so many other things, the answer is we just don't know. Therefore there is no cure for it. But the good news is that it's treatable and outbreaks can be minimized.

What causes these outbreaks you ask? Well, pretty much anything! LOL

Food, weather, stress, pretty much every day things. So lifestyle changes is the only way for you to control rosacea.


I had my first outbreak in my mid 20s. I always had pink cheeks but that did not bother me nor did I think anything of it at all. Then one day I had a few bumps that itched. I thought some allergic reaction to make up I was wearing. From then on, the bumps got more and more until my face looked just gross. I was losing my mind. Especially for a woman, we are so self conscious about our skin, especially our face.

I did my own research and knew I had rosacea. I tried self-treating which did absolutely nothing. After waiting for months to see a dermatologist, which by the way why do you have to wait so long to see a dermatologist? Is it like this everywhere or just here in Toronto?

Anyway, they diagnosed me with it and I was prescribed Metrogel which is like an antibiotic cream. That helped in terms of getting rid of the bumps and making the redness less. Oh and it got rid of the burning feeling too. It took about a month for it to completely subside. From then on it's really your own maintenance.

With rosacea, as I would say with skin routine overall, less is more. Your routine should be simple with least amount of products as possible. Make sure you wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil.
Use moisturizer daily (Vichy or La Roche-Posay Rosaliac line) and sunscreen is your everything!

However, healthy diet, avoiding stressors is the key.

I did not have an outbreak in terms of bumps and extreme inflammation for about 5 years until last month. It was just terrible all over again. I refused to go back to antibiotics so I went to a naturopath who gave me a sea buckthorn cream, which was more ofa greasy oily substance.

I washed my face in cold water and applied it all over and thought here goes nothing! Within an hour, the burning sensation went away. My head wasn't on fire anymore. The redness calmed down. Only after a first time! The bumps took a bit longer, about 3 weeks I'd say. But I was persistent. I would apply it twice a day and literally slather it all over at night.

I really did not believe the naturopath when he told me that it would work as I've tried coconut oil, grape seed oil and other natural based products and none worked. So I had very little hope. I am so happy it worked.

Sea buckthorn is not just for rosacea. It can work for any skin inflammation. Even though my outbreak is no more I use it every day as it's a great moisturizer and it works great against the enivornmental factors to prevent further outbreaks from happening. I wish I knew about this before.

Let me know if you have rosacea and what your routine is and what you use when you get outbreaks or any other skin condition and how do you manage and maintain!

Nina xo


Published by Nina Palikuca

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