A Message for the New Year: New Year Same Me

A Message for the New Year: New Year Same Me

Jan 3, 2017, 8:25:15 AM Opinion

This year is not a year of new things, its a year of continuation. We keep telling ourselves that we will start something and we never do. We tell ourselves things will be different but yet we stay the same. Why is that? Instead of feeding ourselves false dreams and goals, a new illusion, we should instead tell ourselves we must let go what holds us back and keep doing what keeps us going. We must do more of our passions and work on taking away our miseries. Our goals should build based on what we already accomplished and not add to the list of unaccomplished empty nothingness. This year is a year we work with ourselves. We love ourselves. We care for ourselves. Do things that we have to do.

This is the year we put ourselves first before anyone else because we are important too. This year will start a series of connections and links that will build to a point where we can't be put down over the same tired circumstances and situations.

This year is a year of continuous building and tearing. We've been through a transition, now we work with the change.                                                       



Published by Nina Rondon

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