I, the Spectator: Create and Destroy

I, the Spectator: Create and Destroy

Jan 3, 2017, 9:01:16 AM Creative

I, the spectator

See the world a canvas

An empty canvas

Where we see, we feel in our own perspective

The world is but a perception of the spectator

We create the stories

The stories of the people we encounter

The Landscapes we see

and the moments we capture

I, the spectator rules over anything I place on my empty canvas

The spectator quiet and observing

Creates and Destroys

In our own heads, through our own eyes

We are the creator and  the creation  

We speculate and we analyze

We criticize and we televize

Just passing by

We view

We observe

We witness

We look

We recreate everything that is perceived 

We are the spectators 



Published by Nina Rondon

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