There is Something About You

There is Something About You

Sep 7, 2017, 6:10:16 AM Life and Styles

We often get discouraged when coming to the realization that we have to be something.  We all want to be someone.  We want to feel needed and wanted. We want to crave waking up in the morning because we have a purpose.  We want to feel that our life is something.  We want to feel that we are here for a reason.  Anxiety often fills us when we see that time is passing and we aren't achieving anything or impacting anyone.  We question whether we have a purpose at all. Do we have a purpose? 

Making something of oneself, feeling a sense of fulfillment, being passionate, feeling joy, feeling peace and comfort all combine to reveal what one's purpose is.  Having and building a sense of self is purpose. Finding oneself and being oneself makes who one is special.  The energy one lets saturate a room with passion and happiness is a major manifestation of purpose.  Purpose is happiness in one's current state.  Purpose is time and energy being used in something that betters the perspective of oneself and others.

Using whatever gift or talent you have (this can be a plethora of things) to work at self-fulfillment is what purpose is.  The next time you find yourself discouraged because you feel you don't have a  purpose, remember that you and your life is already purpose.  Work on building and empowering yourself. Purpose is already there.  It's just a matter of feeding the beast that is you and showing who you are to the world.  Let's hope they'll be ready for you.  

Published by Nina Rondon

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