...but if you do it right, once is enough.

...but if you do it right, once is enough.

Sep 5, 2016, 10:22:15 PM Creative


Nothing that happens, doesn't happen just like that. Story, its causality rooted in a geniality of a time passage, can't be created and destroyed just like that. Idleness- at some point- doesn't exist. You can't avoid things that are supposed to happen, not even if you'd try to elude it with the hundred-mile boots.

It's like when you're running on the rock paving and the adrenalin in your blood blocked rational side of your brain, obscured the real reality against which you've been running. Complete shut down of a human being. The body becomes just a motley pile of emotions, a soul torn into pieces like a rag- with which you just wanna wipe down your own clumsiness. When you know it's too late, when you know that the feeling, which you are embalming inside, is just another tight loop, getting even tighter on your neck. Those feelings will be hanging on that loop, the same loop that is suffocating you every night, just before bed time.

When you look the person in the eyes and the familiar look-  you can see the light, but the thing is, that no one's home.

Well, let's say it's all life. And there are theories that weirdly,  it has no point. Is that really the truth? I know, there are a lot of people who claim the exact opposite, but I was thinking today and I just got this to my mind:
You can always choose to see this from two different ways. As the first one- after discovering this, every single person would just say the exact same thing: ,,If there is no point, why the hell I am still here? Why do I even bother?...it doesn't even matter anymore."
OR, you can say to yourself that even though there is no relevant point, you know what is important in life, and this is certainly not. Life matter just like it is and we were given this one opportunity to live it, so why to brag about shit, if you can live it the best you can?

God, how I wish to take back the time to my past when I was thinking about so many things that weren't even important at all and I wish I had this state of mind while I was there- I mean, life is about perspective, people.
In every single situation you go through is presented to you from so many different ankles - well the trick is, to always find the one that suits you the best.

Life can be so tricky and messed up, but you have to go through it, because remember- only one chance is here for you.

So stop waiting. Stop trying to find the next secret door that will lead you to your real life, because you still think that this is just a dream. This is it. There is nothing else out there. I am sorry.

So you'd better decide to enjoy every single day or you should go through your life with miserable feeling wherever you go.

Life is about choosing so try to choose the best for you.

Rise and shine honey,


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