Can you hear the silent whispering of hope?

Can you hear the silent whispering of hope?

Sep 27, 2016, 1:49:58 PM Creative

"They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for"

There are morning when you wake up and think of all the people who sat next to you in a bus or train or whenever. Then you switch to people who sat next to you on purpose with their fingers crossed (even on feet) with a little light of hope that you will talk to them. Even though you think there was nobody like that, there certainly was somebody, I am sure. I mean, there were also plenty of times when somebody walked past you and hope you will stop by and talk to them, but you never did, either you didn't have the guts or the other person didn't.

There is a tendency of people, walking around their town, thinking that nobody love them and they don't deserve love. Well that's freaking not true. Have you ever thought that some stranger on the street might have been thinking "hmm she's my type" but again, the lack of courage is here and makes your body disable. You have to learn that you have to just come to the person and open your mouth and I dunno say something silly to make them laugh...don't throw away the opportunity.

I understand that we all have different lives and going through things differently. We are all carrying some shit in our lives, even if it's visible or nah. In talking to people, you get to the point when you get to know them and realize that you've gone through something similar in your life and you don't even know what a relief that is!
You know why? It gives us hope...
And I think that this is it, we are supposed to talk to other people, get to know them, find people that fits us like no one before them but most importantly- get something what we are supposed to get from them- the hope that maybe, it will everything be okay at the very end.

Enough is enough.



P.s: So stop looking at the sky that much and rather look into peoples eyes...still trying to learn it. I am just a human.

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