Listen to their untrue laughter, then walk away

Listen to their untrue laughter, then walk away

Aug 10, 2016, 5:40:50 PM Creative

Like we can open a bottle of good wine for this topic- faux amis a.k.a false/fake friends.

It’s kinda scary how many people are “friends” with this kind of people. You don’t even know how many of them are pretending to be who they are not. Their true nature is hidden for some time, but in conclusion- every time revealed to the world.  Yea, you guessed it right- most of the time happening in movies.

There are some individuals who know, that they are friending somebody who is fake, but doing exactly nothing with that. Still asking myself -why the hell are the people even becoming like that? All purely rhetorical questions, leading myself to a bitter  “no” answer (like usual, when something mainstream comes to my way). People are friending them just like that, for a very long time- then it slides to a happening, that they don’t want to let them go just because they spend so much time with them, have so many memories with them, telling them all their deepest secrets, fucking opening up to them…and the end of the day being the person that cares about them.

Sometimes I am thinking about The Great Karma kicking to the face, if it’s even real and if the people who had done such nasty stuff, will be punished for what they did to others.
Some people need to grow up to that point, when the day D will to come, they’ll realize how damaged they are, just because of that one person that made it all so difficult and easy in the same way. I know it’s hard to let go of somebody, who spent so many years with you, but this is like a first step to make your future better, to make your life better, to be a better person in your own eyes.

They will be laughing in front of YOU, lying willingly to your face and then the moment when you’ll just walk away? Worth of it all.
Don’t let people you know for a very long time, using you. If there is something on somebody you don’t particularly like, just tell them even if it’s weird.

It is generally known that truth will set you free, but firstly it will piss you off. In this situation- it will set you free and it will piss them off,because they will know what you won.

Simple as that. If people get criticism and they are real friends, they will stay. Otherwise, non of your problem/business anymore.

Don’t let them win, because you know, that you are not the weak one. This is a game for two people, so you can play too.
Be your own hero if it’s in need.
Allow yourself to let go.


Published by Nina S

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