"The tigers have found me and I don't care."

"The tigers have found me and I don't care."

Oct 6, 2016, 10:28:23 PM Creative

I am sure, that every single one of you, once or twice in your life, went through some kind of grief. All the sad stuff that had happened, that you had to survive can't ever be understood by other people. So, if somebody ever told you "yea, I get it, I understand", they really don't.
But they all get the plus point  for trying. At least.

The sadness and grief are most likely being composed into poems or some kind of structured post, maybe never shown to the world. I have came across a lot of them, but some were were written by a really broken souls (aka authors), that cam through so many shit...it was breaking m heart even reading it.

I suppose that the sentence "The tigers have found me and I do not care", which came from a mastermind named Charles Bukowski , was especially a broken one. When I was going through the poem For Jane, it seems to be about a major heartbreak, misery, about love being taken away, about being scared and later after that not being scared at all...about knowing that this is the real end and the things that happened will never happen again...Life Circle? Indeed.

That quote reminds us, that it's okay to feel pain, but we are still resilient and trying to fight it and fight it no matter what, because falling down to the dark pit of misery and cold, is not the best idea; well, I guess not even for your worst enemy.

People tend to think there is no way out, but really, there is- to look forward for any good moments in life.
You have to deal with your loss, even though it hurts as hell. Not to yield, but to start a battle. Not after this coffee, not tomorrow, not from another Monday. You have to start the battle against the soldier in a shiny armour with a feeling of hope. With a feeling that you can do it, if you just try.

So try it now.


P.s: Don't worry about the silence before the storm- it will always eventually go away.

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