“To travel is to live"- Part 1

“To travel is to live"- Part 1

Jun 22, 2016, 8:50:26 PM Life and Styles

What is it about traveling that makes you feel so joyful?

Is it that one feeling while you are experiencing a new view, or while you are sitting in the car listening to your favorite playlist while driving? It might be the feeling when you wake up at the morning realizing that you are still there and your adventure can continue at least for a day more. Or maybe it is just that one feeling when you know you are simply free.

I decided to start a circle of posts related to each other for one simple reason- traveling. I do not live in a country that has a sea or big "happenings", but I went to places here which are beautiful (at least for me). Those will be places which I visited and made me feel something. Have you ever had a feeling like you look at something or at some view or whatever and you suddenly feel the shimmering feeling in your stomach like "yes this is it". If you know what I am talking about, this is it. 

I was at this place like a month ago with him and I felt it. I came there and the feeling of abandoned place hit me like a truck (in a good way of course). I was shocked that places like this (places where you won't find like 200 other people) still exist. 

We were here all alone, looking at our flying kite like it was a normal thing. Actually only yesterday was a first summer day and as I mentioned earlier, this was like a month ago, so yea the water wasn't exactly 30 degrees hot, but it was bearable. 

It felt so good, just to grab his hand, take a car and drive somewhere where is a quiet area like here, nice a warm hearted people and chill/relax. I have always been in love with places like this. 

It look like a legit sea am I right? But unfortunately it's not, just a little hidden lake.


While I was walking, my secret paparazzi took a photo of me.

Finally, the night came and we came back to the place where we were staying and I felt so relieved and relaxed and full of good energy you can't even imagine. I used to be so sad when I came home e.g. from some trip or vacation or whatever because I knew it will never happen again. Now I just smile and I am glad that it happened and will carry those memories in my head (and in my camera of course). Because it is just a part of growing up. You'll realize that you are good with meeting new people, having moments with them, keeping the memories while the time is passing by, you are happier and satisfied with that even though it will never happen again.

Do you have similar feelings while traveling?
Don't be scared and share them with us in a comment section below!


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