"To travel is to live"- Part 7

"To travel is to live"- Part 7

Aug 11, 2016, 2:30:01 PM Creative

When I was younger I didn't really care about traveling, seeing some new places or meeting new people, seeing some culture and I didn't fucking care about taking photos (I am so disappointed actually of myself so so much). Today? I'd even break my legs to go somewhere like that place.
So as I was laying in bed today,  I was thinking of this trip I am about to tell you , and I started to dig deeper into my tablet trying to find some "evidence" that I went there and it really wasn't just yesterdays dream or so. But after finding out that most of those photos are selfies, I got so angry at myself, you can't even imagine. But okay, I tried to pick the best ones that show at least a little piece of my memories from a few years to the past.

When I was still on High School, we had opportunities to apply for an exchange program to Germany, to live with a family for some time, to see how they live, where they live, to get more skills in language, to be simply thrown into a cold water and have to learn how to swim very quickly. I actually know German language a little, like I understand while they are talking, but it's faster for me to respond in English-at least we had this agreement in my adopting family from Germany.

I went there firstly when I was 14 years old and then when I was 16 (both years to the same family). I was staying with a very nice family, they had 4 children and I was supposed to spend my time with their (only) girl, she was the same age as I was so. I have to say 3 much older german boys wouldn't really have a lot in common with me. I am not going to tell you all the things that happened because we'd be here till the next day.

Anyway, I had such a good time there, saw that beautiful architecture of theirs, met so many nice people, saw the way they live, had family breakfast, lunches and dinners together (which is really rare nowadays), had so much fun in general!
I was homesick, I was emotional, I was staying up late and waking up so early, I was tired and energetic in one, I got better in english that much, when I came home I had difficulties to talk in my language, I was up and I was also down, I experienced something (twice) that most of the people will never go through...it was a fun roller coaster and I am so happy now after so many years that I went there and got this opportunity which I am enormously thankful for.

Cologne - bridge above the river Rhine

I remember us, a big group of students, walking around the town, having a good time. We also had a guide who was telling us a lot about Cologne and history and culture. It was pretty interesting as long as I remember.

I remember that it was one of the colder days there, a lot of people got sick after this, but I think the view is always worth it all.

Have you ever thought about trading your soul for something so freaking deliciously looking like this?
Because it really was a masterpiece!

Out teacher told us that we are going to see a bookstore and after that we were walking around the town- Maastricht (in Netherlands) and she stopped by in front of cathedrally looking building, and I remember asking that why the hell are we stopping here when she told something different? So when I walked in I saw this- so beautiful old and at the same time new bookstore with like 3 other floors. I was amazed.

Streets of Maastricht

We also went to this big and scary looking coal mining quarry, very long journey but it was so huge that we had to see it while we were there.

We also went to a roller caster park called Phantasialand where I saw so many deadly looking roller coasters that I only dared to go on this one. Call me a coward but at the end of the day I was happy that I only went for this one really.

This little guy was so nice to me, didn't even try to throw me away from the saddle which was a good manners happening.

Tripoint or Dreiländereck -borders of three countries meeting at one place - Germany, Netherlands and Belgium

I went to all of those places twice and more places included, but yea I have no more footage so this is all I have. I really enjoyed it and I hope I will come back someday to make even better photos at more places.

Determination? Check.



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