When beautiful things grow out of nothing

When beautiful things grow out of nothing

Jul 22, 2016, 9:39:49 PM Creative


There is a huge tendency of humankind - if they start to do something they don't want to work so fucking hard to achieve something, they don't want to be the weakest ones, they won't enjoy the path on their way to accomplishment, they simply want to reach the success right at that minute. Wanting to grow a little piece of sand into a beach in one husk?
Impatient much?

Nobody believes that something incredible cane be done with the right amount of hard work nowadays. Everyone thinks that every famous composer like Mozart or Beethoven or I don't know poets like E. A. Poe or Charles Bukowski had this marvelous talent in them - that it somehow appeared in their brains like a puzzle - all they had to do was write it all on paper and make a statement out of it.

I don't know how about you, but I think there is a huge need in this world for people.
What is it?
People need to learn a lesson, that things are starting from the real bottom.
Things can come out of nothingness.
Things evolve out of nothingness too.
You know, even the tiniest seed in this world can produce the prettiest and healthiest forest, if the seed falls into the fertile soil. And then, there is also a situation when the seed falls into a nonfertile soil and it turns out that nothings gonna happen.
People need to learn, that this also happens. It is important for them to understand it all, because that's how it works.

If you walk around your town with an idea that there are people with some particular talent, that they are gifted- but you are not one of them. It might be a little upsetting but you have to realize that you have different kind of life. You can always say to yourself:
,,Well, I know that some things come out of nothing, yes, it really works like that. So I am starting from unpromising beginnings. I can and I will always be aware, that even though I am a unpromising beginning, I can start something."

Life is messy, folks.
Being human is messy.
All you need to do, is to accept who you are and truly understand that you are not at the end (yet).
Just surrender and in the meantime, try to climb that imaginary mountain to the sky, as I did.

Don't you agree?

Nina ∞ 

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