24 Hours On Tinder Taught Me ...

24 Hours On Tinder Taught Me ...

Oct 8, 2016, 10:43:22 PM Life and Styles
Break ups can do weird things to you, including sitting bored at home on a Saturday night, thinking maybe I'm ready to get back out there?
A thought that quickly turned into why not join a dating site / app, which is what happened recently, when I decided to give Tinder a try. I told myself that no matter what happened I wouldn't delete my account for at least 24 hours. 
Below five things I learned in that time,
• Despite articles on what "not" to have as your profile picture, there are LOTS of men ignoring it. I found way too many who had pictures of other girls on their profile. Only one (out of 100 or so) had said that yes he has a gf but they're a couple looking for someone to have fun with. One. 
• Pictures do really say a thousand words, so if you're serious, really think about what yours is saying. 
• Every guy in the U.K is currently sporting a beard. I'm not complaining I'm just starting to get confused because everyone has sorta started looking the same. HOWEVER I still love beards.. 
• Too many people have: '' I'm not looking for a PenPal '' on their bio, but if you're really looking for someone, why isn't talking (regardless of length) be a good thing? 
• It is really addictive! Even for us sceptics. 

Verdict: This app is probably not the best for getting over a break up, if you're feeling slightly rejected already. Try looking elsewhere, unless a hook up with zero emotion is what you're after, then you're probably in the right place.

As it can turn even the nicest person, into someone really picky for no reason.

After about 20 mins, I wanted to delete my account because I found myself picking at things in photos, that in the real world wouldn't have been a problem. Such as : him being too good looking / topless profile pics / gym selfies / drinking in every pic / being passed out somewhere / bio saying they're actually looking for someone (aren't we all) / being in Thailand next to a temple or elephants in the background.

My 'no' list only grew with each swipe.

Which escalated to me swiping right for guys I wasn't into, because I started to feel bad for being too picky. But towards the end, went back to a "f@ck it this whole things a vain game why not choose guys you really want?" attitude. 

Horrible cycle! 
Overall, I had a good experience. I received zero dick pics (BONUS), and no one asked rude questions, however I do think it's because I wasn't all in, and I am not looking for a relationship right now, or a hook up for that matter.
Which is why I deleted my account after my 24 hours were up. 
It was fun, but I really don't know if my head let alone my heart are ready to get to know someone on a level that I most look forward to when starting a new relationship. Also one horrifying thing about the app is that you have to sign in via Facebook, and with every potential match, it has a list of mutual friend connections you have with said match.
I was mortified when I saw someone I went to university with! Yes, I understand them trying to verify people are who they say they are BUT nope that's not cool.
If you've ever used Tinder, what has your experience been like? 

Published by Ninette D.S

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