Jacket Blouse - Add a Zing to Your Saree and Grab Everyone’s Attention in an Event.

Jacket Blouse - Add a Zing to Your Saree and Grab Everyone’s Attention in an Event.

Sep 9, 2017, 3:13:22 PM Life and Styles

Saree is the traditional attire of Indian women. Be it any professional or personal occasion, they have always considered draping a saree as it fits in any event. Starting from plain saree for a simple lady to designer saree for a diva, this attire has varieties to satisfy anyone’s needs.

Saree was considered as just a long piece of cloth, which was wrapped around the waist. With time, this long cloth has been given a different identity. Every lady wants to look unique in their dress. Thus, fashion designers are using their talent to design the best sarees and matching blouses.

Matching your saree with a blouse is not difficult as you get a blouse piece that is attached to the saree. However, some feel that these attached blouse pieces are simple so they look for designer piece in the market.

We are so much influenced with the western culture that the blouse designs are also reflecting the same. Initially, the blouse was to cover the entire body from shoulder to waist. Now a blouse has its own uniqueness. There are various indo western designs that are being strongly promoted by designers.

Starting from the neck to blouse sleeves cutting all are given a specific shape to look special. Some of the designs are seductive and revealing. Not everyone loves showing their skin, so for them jacket blouse would be perfect. It looks as if you have worn a jacket, which covers your entire upper body. If you are a shy person and don’t like revealing, then this designer blouse makes you look comfortable.

Jacket blouse can be worn in different ways, all you need to do is select your saree with the matching jacket. You can also get it stitched with a different design. There are some designs that we can throw light on -

  • A blouse with full sleeves as well as a collar adds elegance to your outfit. A good amount of embroidery work can add spice to it.
  • Sleeveless jacket blouses can also work as vest, especially if some mirrors or sequin work is added to it. However, to wear such heavy vest your saree needs to be simple and plain.
  • A short jacket which reaches up to your waist and has sleeves up to your elbow not only looks elegant, but also works fine in adding a little bit of class.
  • Long embroidered jackets take us back to the old 50s when silk jackets were the significance of class and also protected from cold.
  • Adding a belt to your jacket can help you hold your jacket and saree in place.

We see many celebrities wearing something unusual, which later becomes a trend. One thing which is common among celebs is that whatever they wear, they have the confidence to carry it.

Always remember you might spend money on expensive clothes, but it’s not important how classy the work is. What matters is the way you carry it and how it looks on you.


Published by Nirdesh Singh

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