3 Reasons Why You Should Settle

We hear many people talk about why settling for less isn't an option. I'm here to give you  a different point of view. How many times have you heard someone say, never settle for less! I mean this statement is everywhere right? There's a time when you should allow yourself to settle. Not for less, but to settle. Here are a few reasons when you should think about settling:

You've achieved a realistic goal that means a lot to you... Enjoy it! I'm so guilty for this and was doing it all wrong. When reaching a milestone, it's not time to add stress to your life by trying to reach the next goal just yet. It is time to enjoy your achievement! This isn't saying to just give up and settle. Sometimes, we spend time focused on the destination that we can't enjoy the journey. Every success should be noticed, and celebrated regardless of how big, or small it many be. If it's important to you, celebrate! Enjoy your success.

Settle based on your life and not others. Stay in your own lane. Since no one wants to settle, everyone has an opinion on what life should be. For instance, some may think an abundance and rewarding life is penthouse suites, purchasing a Rolls Royce or living in a 10 bedroom mansion. If this is your desire that's fine. What I'm saying is a Mercedes-Benz paid for in full (or any nice, reliable car paid), a 4 bedroom house and two family trips a year that were planned successfully for your family would be an fantastic way to enjoy life. If you can afford the basics and more, being filthy rich just isn't necessary.

Set realistic  goals doing what you love. This is what creates abundance! An abundance is created by doing what you love! For instance, I'm a Mama who educate my children from home and run a business changing lives. I'm doing what I love! You can create the life you want by being more independent and bringing your passion to life while helping others. We all have talents, gifts and abilities that can bring smiles to others and can make a huge change on this planet.

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with settling if you're where you want to be. Or if you aren't where you want to be just yet, that's fine too. Life is a blessing and should be lived enjoying what brings happiness to your spirit. Enjoy the moments that makes life special. 

Published by Nisha Bee

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