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Life is like a relay race where every new beginning comes from the last thread. Your parents infuse their characteristics with intelligence and wisdom in your mind and soul so that you don’t have to start from the stone ages. This is how the evolution goes on.

Our universe is like a public library which contains all information (data) belongs to past, present and future. This can be accessed by anyone at any place, at any time. All the basic information can be accessed, and comes to us as ideas from this system (universe). For example, India is divided into many unorganized sectors this is why there is a huge business opportunity if all these scattered things get in sync and forms an organized structure.

To get this important information you don’t need a scientific mind, only a normal mind is required to get this idea from the universe.

Technically, your mind is Radar which catches the idea from other minds or from the universe at a particular frequency like how your mobile number catch signals only from one service provider. This means to get more higher and valuable information, you need more concentrated and peaceful mind.

Now coming to the actual story with this concept, let’s decode what Tesla said once.

If you want to know the secrets of this universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.

I have already shared my experiments of how to channelize the energies of this universe for a better life, in my book  Other Dimension Secret codes of the Universe

This universe is a giant battery or a 3D holographic creation. To get more clarity, let’s assume this as composition of countless pixels closely connected with each other, spread throughout the universe. These pixels are Magic. They can create; take any shape, size or color just like your TV screen. Every pixel has been programmed or you can say, is artificially intelligent, acts as per the commands of the universe which is based on speed, time, distance and mass or in one word, It’s LOGIC.

Every pixel is being powered by the Energy which you call god, but the question arises how to use that seamless power for our benefit.

The universe as a macro system sends and receives energy to and from every corner of universe and this is how it maintains the equilibrium. When you look at insects, birds, animals or non living objects, you would notice that they express whatever comes to them.

Sometimes you would have noticed a group of birds making a wave, or a musical note in the sky, that’s the pure reflection / expression of energies present at a certain height. But when the same energy comes to us and wants us to do something, we get confused, we let our minds take the decisions and there we invite the series of miserable events in our lives.

In our body we have 7 power centers (chakras) which work at different frequencies. These power centers are a kind of relay centers which invites, processes, and reflects back the energies to the universe.  For example you get an opportunity to express love to someone but you hold it back let’s say because of some fear, then that energy transforms itself into body fat and gets deposited into your buttocks or any other lower region. There can be n no of combinations resulting in body malfunctioning when you don’t allow energy to express itself freely. This all chaos happens and you start your medical treatments and start living a measured life, this is what happening in whole world.

There is an unlimited power available throughout the universe in Tesla’s terms but we need a device, some mechanism which is able to express it. Like there is a full power supply in your room, you have the buttons on, and the bulb holder in place but what if you don’t have the bulb, then that available power becomes useless.

Energy needs expression.

Let me tell you a little secret you all know, we all are connected to that seamless power grid and our body is the ultimate expression of it, but the question is… are we able to utilize our body, brain and mind till now… are we doing what we are supposed to do…are we happy within???

The answer is BIG NO.

When TESLA said about that seamless power lying dormant around us, he meant that the power can be used for betterment of mankind and whole energy can be channelized by creating vibrations at different frequencies.

Will continue with this in next post and discuss how to channelize those vibrations and create a better life.

Published by Nishant Dutt

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