How your Energies help a Film Star’s career

How your Energies help a Film Star’s career


During my period of spiritual experimentation, I found out some very interesting things. Different kinds of negative things work in different ways. If a muscular and aggressive person gets angry on someone (who is probably weaker than him), he could beat that person. The impact of the physical violence can then be seen on the other person’s body. However, if the angry person chose to verbally abuse the person, then the impact will tamper the person’s protection shield that is given by his Etheric body.

 A physical Hit tampers the physical body of a person

  • A verbal Hit tampers the invisible protection shield of a person
  • A good or bad thought can also hit a person and tampers her/his energy composition


We know that everything is connected through  N10s (For N10 refer to my book Other Dimension secret codes of the Universe). Even if you curse a person without her/him knowing about it, the negative energy will go to him, but at a low intensity which may not harm her/him. When you are giving a good performance on a stage, you will get instant cheers. However, if you perform badly then people will hoot you. With your performance you will get instant results. Life is a stage where you have to perform in front of many people. Your family, spouse, kids, friends, peers, in fact there is an array of people in your life who expect something or the other from you.


Think what will happen if you suddenly stopped doing what they expect from you. The good thoughts which were coming your way will now stop. All those letters of appreciation will turn into complaint letters which will carry negative energies. All those positive energies which you were using to bring good luck to yourself will be gone and you will be left alone with your own energies to survive the world. In such a situation, a person might feel that her/his life is collapsing like a house cards.


The only way to survive is to accept neither positive nor negative energies. Do not accept those appreciations, do not boost your ego with them, remain grounded, and you will be safe. Both, your ‘honest performance’ and the ‘Energies’ you receive in lieu of that will take you to the top. But ‘dependence’ on the latter can take you down as well, when someday your audience stops giving you their energies.


The result of energy, whether constructive or destructive, depends upon from which Chakra and with which ‘Thought’ it was released. People may be corrupt, but they want their Heroes as ethical as Lord Rama, Buddha, or Jesus.


The best energies are those that are released by people towards a hero (celebrity) who is charitable, social, helpful, and is also a good performer. These energies make a miraculous impact on the celebrity. It provides a protection shield to the different invisible bodies of the celebrity.

  • If the celebrity is appreciated due to her/his physical appearance then the energies received will make her/him young and active. However, people always want to see new and attractive faces. If a new person with a more attractive personality makes an appearance, then the audience will start to give energies to her/him. Now, the older celebrity will immediately feel the effect of lesser energies. It may reflect on her/him through aging, tiredness, and fat deposition (on the part of her/his body which was being appreciated by the audience)


Reason: Energy release by people from their Sacral Chakra (sexual energy) will make the celebrity young and good looking, but the same effect is reversed in the absence of it


  • If the celebrity is appreciated due to her/his performance and agility more than the physical appearance, then s/he will have a good career and will keep us entertaining for a long time.


Reason: People, when appreciate the performance of a celebrity, will release energies from their Fire Chakra. It will continue till the celebrity is performing well. When her/his level of performance goes down, the energies received by her/him will go down too.


  • If the celebrity is charitable, helpful, good looking, good performer, and is ‘marketed’ as innocent, then s/he is the one who gets the best of energies from the people. This kind of celebrity gets everything s/he wants. Be it slow aging, billions of audience, a good physical body, everything will be available for this kind of celebrity


Reason: The energy released by our ‘Heart Chakra’ is one of the best energies in this universe. People give Blessings and spread Love when they are happy from inside. So, loving a celebrity not because of how s/he looks but because of other factors which convince you subconsciously that s/he is a good person, will make you release your precious energy from your Heart Chakra


‘It is important to become wise and watchful to whom you are giving your energies.’


From the book   –  oTHEr DIMENSION, Secret Codes of the Universe

Part 1 – Understanding miracles of the universe

Chapter – How your Energies help a Film Star’s career

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