Message to the STARS




The battle between us and the darkness will never end. God has given all of us the opportunity to become Stars. But darkness, being one of our core elements, wants to entrap us for our countless births.

It is not like we do not have courage to fight it, but the problem lies in our indecisiveness and our choices. Our attachment with good and bad, joys and sorrows, and light and darkness hampers our progress. This leads to a never ending struggle and we spend our whole life in the middle of a bridge made up of our confusions, where one way goes towards light and the other goes to darkness. We need to create balance in everything in our lives and choose one end, light or darkness. But we end up choosing both, light and darkness, and this is where we lose the battle, the purpose, and everything else. The mix of both will not lead to a great life. In fact it will lead to us spending our lives in a vicious circle.

This system is so perfect that you can become anything you want. It can give you anything you wish for. You can choose any path and it will show you the way. No Karma is a crime in this system unless it is done with wrong intentions. Shortcuts work in this system, things can be avoided for sometime, or may be for many births, but it would be like knowing the question paper before it gets to you. Then what? Will it help you in your learning? No, it will never. You cannot avoid things and move on without understanding and learning from it. The learning is mandatory.

Explore your abilities, make mistakes, and take up challenges as they will take you closer to your original self. Be a Star and enlighten your periphery. Accumulating goodness and not spreading it to people will create trouble for you. Your task is to relay energies and not to store them for yourself. Love yourself unconditionally. Trust the process of Universe. Be decisive. And have all the fun and happiness in life.


from the BOOK -  OTHER DIMENSION, secret codes of the Universe

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