What is ILLUSION ? How UNIVERSE and MIND makes you a FOOL.

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What is ILLUSION ? How UNIVERSE and MIND makes you a FOOL.


Maya / #Illusion starts with the #Time#Frequency’ or the #Motion

Everything in this #universe is moving or #changing. This motion is a part of time which when mixed with all other visible dimensions of the Matter, gives us a #RealTime Feel’. Out of ‘Time’, everything is as static as a Jpeg computer image. The slowest speed of brain allows all your invisible bodies to come out of your visible body, and there one can witness that nothing is real as such.

The frequency, at which our #brain functions, starts from #Delta where the brain’s function is almost idle. Then, eventually it goes as high as Gamma where the brain works at its peak speed. The ‘frequency’ here refers to speed of the #processor or mind. A normal one second can be felt as half a second when the mind is working at very high frequency ( #Gamma). While the same one second, could be felt as many seconds when your mind is working at a very low frequency (Delta). Our One second is Two seconds for a house fly which means it sees our #actions in slow motion which makes it capable of acting or moving faster than us (the same way #KeanuReavesdodged #bullets in #TheMatrix

The frequency of mind is different with different bodies. Here, in this context, frequency is directly associated with the size of body, and its visible and audible aspects. Small visible bodies operate on high frequencies. The frequencies come down with increase in body size. So, the frequency and size is inversely proportional to each other.

Brain is limited to collecting material information or data. It records digital images or and audio files. Every information is then ‘Judged’ by the Mind which then prompts us to take necessary action(s) through our body.

There can be many worlds existing at different frequencies. At delta, our mind can hear many sounds and can let us see / feel other Astral bodies (Ghost, Demons, and Angels) which were not possible while operating on mid or higher frequencies.

Important Characteristics and Facts related to Mind

•Even the blink of your eye is not happening as a continuous process
•Everything is happening Frame by Frame
•Your mind is a ‘Projector’ which exists in ‘Time’
•The process of meditation tranquilizes your mind
•Your mind is giving motion to those ‘Still Images’ in sync with your eyes, nose, ears, tongue, and skin
•This is why the output felt as a live event without #buffer or jerk
•Your mind is just obeying the fundamental principles of universe based on – speed, time, distance, mass, volume and other constants.
•Nothing is real without the mind
•You movements happen like a ‘Flip Book’
•Your soul is your battery, giving continuous power supply to all layers of body
•Every visible thing is changing in each fraction of a second
•When you lower down the speed of your brain to Delta frequency (0 – 4 Hertz), you will reach the suspended animation state of mind. In this state you will notice that the events are happening frame by frame
•IGL7 appears in between every frame
•Our mind is processing millions of frames per second and this makes everything real
•With the lowest frequencies you will have the OBE (out of body experience)

From the book – 
OTHER DIMENSION Secret codes of the Universe



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