Why does Body Malfunction

Heart Malfunctioning

Why does Body Malfunction

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Why does Body Malfunction

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Fundamental mechanism of human bodyHuman body is a very complex structure of cells, wherein every cell is programmed to do its job without consciously asking the mind. A human cell consists of approx100 Trillion atoms in itself. And 'Atom' as you all know is 99% empty that makes it more amazing.

So, we can say there are atoms empowering a cell, and there are cells empowering some organ or a part of our body. And our mind leads and synchronizes all major and minor activities inside and outside our body.

Great scientist of the millennium NIKOLA TESLA once said, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

This means, science is able to study only the visible or measurable aspects of an atom, but it never talked about the energy and vibrations which make an atom measurable. And believe me all the secrets of this universe can be understood if we are able and ready to decode everything in terms or Energy, frequency and vibrations.

Every atom has a core / nucleus which generates power and that power further produces vibration (we measure that in terms of frequency). The different sectors or limbs in our body are designed to produce different frequencies, commonly known as CHAKRAS.

The discovery which we mentioned in the book oTHEr Dimension Secret codes of the universe”, reveals that our body’s malfunctioning first starts within our mind. A certain set of negative thoughts hampers the energy generators in its nucleus which disturbs the vibration in a particular body part. If that negative thought happens for the first time then the body and mind manage it well and reinstate its original frequency. But if a negative thought keeps on coming then the reduction in capacity happens in  both ways. The mind which regulates the power supply in every cell of our body, reduces its energy and simultaneously the affected organ / part also reduces its capacity to work. This lethargy then gets transmitted to its neighboring units, and then in some time the whole system shuts down its operations as if some gamut of workers went on strike in a factory.

This is how we lose capacity, stamina and control over our body.        

How is MIND responsible for everything inside and outside the body?

Our mind directs the power / energy generation capacity of the nucleus. A healthy and positive mind will always own a healthy and strong body.

Case1 – A gentleman from Indiana (US) who had a passion to play football was compelled to join a job due to some financial crisis. Doing anything without being happy becomes a mental and physical disaster sooner or later. This person then developed a heart problem in next few years that lead to anger, depression and hypertension.

Our Treatment – With proper medications and vibrational therapies his blood pressure got stabilized. The medications controlled it superficially and the disturbed vibrations coming from his cells were reinstated by supplying regular and proper frequencies. The only one thing we asked him to do was to leave his job and start playing football again. It was a bold step but he did it and in sometime he was all well. His medications were reduced and he now lives a happy and healthy life.

Case2 – He’s a gentleman (85) from Jaipur (India) with heart disease (post bypass and angioplasty of the graft vessel) .This man came to us with not so good and positive mindset. He was afraid of fearful thoughts, barely able to walk even 10 meters.

OurTreatment – We started his MEDIRITUAL THERAPY. We optimized his medical therapy We put him on different levels of vibrations for different body parts. In 15 days, he shown 5% improvements. Then we changed the pattern and focused on his first three chakras for the next 20 days. This time he came to us motivated and very positive, we gave him a particular frequency's water which he had to take 20 ml daily for next the 20 days. He continuously showed improvements and now this gentleman can walk over 1000 mtrs non stop.

Why Water – We as Indians know this from thousands of years that everything, be it solid, liquid or gas, is vibrates at a certain frequency. This truth was also discovered and endorsed by Nikola Tesla and Japanese scientist Masaru Imoto.

Medicines / Medical treatment rejuvenate the cells temporarily till their chemical effects. But after that they require another shot of drugs to be infused in the system.

In our research, we let the Medical science do its job superficially and we take care of the vibrational part that is happening in the core of the atom. We apply appropriate vibrations to the affected area with other things to do, and in sometime the affected organ starts working from its core.

Running the digital race and chasing the mediocrity has made a simple truth of life disappear to us. We have just found the missing link between science and non science phenomenon. Let’s see how fast this awareness reaches to mankind. 

You can reinstate your disturbed frequencies with our ‘MEDIRITUAL TREATMENT’ and witness how miraculously your heart works.

                                                                              Mediritual Rahiye !


Published by Nishant Dutt

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