Putting the 'plus' in plus size

Putting the 'plus' in plus size

There’s truly nothing worse than trying on jeans in -what you believe to be- your size and realizing that they won’t even go further than the knee no matter how much you wiggle, squat, pull or pray. For the longest time, I’ve battled with body image issues regarding my very obvious weight gain. As expressed in my previous look book, my weight has been a touchy subject for a while now and while I learnt a few ways around it, there are some times where I’m still conscious about it (thanks to the aunties and relatives who feel the need to casually point it out at family gatherings- just in case my mirror is broken).


In spite of the criticism I’ve received, accepting what I look like has been the best thing I could have ever done. I’m plus-size. That means, there’s more of me than there used to be, more curves, more sass, more personality, hence the ‘plus’. In accepting this, I grew bolder and more confident. Instead of shying away from my bigger form, I embraced it. Cellulite butt, dimple thighs and stretch marks included.


Could I be thinner? Totally. But I don’t need to make myself unhappy by trying to meet an invisible standard. The world is changing darlings, it’s time that we accept that beautiful doesn’t have a size.This year, I intend to dedicate my style posts to the girls, who like me, have just a little bit more to work with. I’d love to hear from you. Let’s put the “plus” in plus size and slay while doing it.


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