Why don't we look away?

Why don't we look away?

Aug 15, 2016, 8:11:05 PM Entertainment

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As horror fans, I'm sure we've all heard that question that separates those that love horror from those that do not: "how can you watch this stuff?"

When there is gore and guts and terror on screen, why do we love it so much that we keep coming back again and again? We may cringe, or we get that squirming feeling inside as we watch someone hack off their own arm, but we don't stop watching. Our bodies are more disgusted at the carnage than our minds. Our involuntary, physical reactions are more reasonable than our gleeful expressions as we watch a far more logical person shielding their eyes from the gore.

So are we just sadistic? Do we just love watching people get hurt?

Well, no. We don't love to watch people get hurt. We like to watch characters going through all this stuff, but if these horror situation were replicated in real life then we would be as disgusted and outraged as anyone else. We separate these images in horror from real life because we know that it is not real life.

We get a fairly animalistic and basic high from watching bloodshed and fear because it raises our adrenaline, but we're not going to go out and kill someone because we saw it in a movie, and if anyone does that then they were going to kill anyway. Movies don't create psychos, movies make psychos more creative.

We like horror because it is fun to watch. That's it.

Why do you watch horror?

- Magpie

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