Why I don't watch new films

Why I don't watch new films

Aug 13, 2016, 10:00:30 PM Entertainment

My life revolves around films, we know this. I love them more than anything. So why is it that I haven't seen such big releases as The Force Awakens, Batman vs Superman, any of the Avengers films, and hell, I haven't even seen Mockingjay part 2. I don't even intend on watching Suicide quad, Ghostbusters, Tarzan, Nerve etc., any time soon and I have not seen Finding Dory.

I am very certain that I would probably love most of these films, or at least be mildly interested in them, so why don't I care about actually watching them on release?

It's the hype. It's all the opinions flying around. For example, I know that if I watched Suicide Squad now, I would hate Jared Leto. If I watched Ghostbusters now, I would be constantly questioning to motives behind the cast choice. (I know I'm already late to the party, but) If I watched The Force Awakens, I'd probably follow suit with the nerdgasm and love it just because it's a Star Wars film, without actually judging it for what it is. If I watched Batman vs Superman, I know how it ends, so screw all the spoilers for that. Same goes for Mockingjay. 

There's just too much social bias when watching a big, new release. You're already influenced before you even start the film. You already have an idea of what you're going to think about it and that's just not as fun. Sure, you'd probably end up feeling the same as the majority of people anyway, that's pretty much the definition of majority, but maybe you wouldn't have felt that way. Maybe if you didn't go into the experience with an idea do how you'd feel, then you might have felt something different after all.

I know that I love a lot of films that the general public and critics did not enjoy. I know that a lot of people hated Maleficent, but it's one of my favourites. The Village is widely regarded as having a stupid twist but I thought it was great. Okay not the first one, that was just okay, but the second one at the ending got me good. 

The opposite works too, I mean I went into Avatar expecting something great and I got something that was good, so I was actually disappointed. If I had gone in with no expectations then I would have enjoyed it. Deadpool, too, was super hyped up to be this amazing thing and it ended up being, to me, far less than it could have been. If I wasn't hyped for it, then I would have been okay with it. But no, I was hyped, so I got let down.

That's basically it, I just don't like going in with any expectations so that it doesn't ruin the experience for me. Instead, I wait. I wait for the hype to die down and then watch it at some other point in time.

Of course there are exceptions to this, horrors mostly. It's pretty hard to spoil a horror for someone. So I will likely be watching films like Lights Out and The Shallows fairly soon.

Do you think it raises expectations, or do you enjoy the hype?

- Magpie

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