10 Things That Make Me Happy

Today I thought I would tell you guys ten things that make me happy. Some of them might be for this period of time or they might be things that make me happy every day. I hope you enjoy...

  1. Friends.

Now, as cheesy as this sounds, I get to see my friends almost every day due to college, so, seeing their annoyingly beautiful faces in my waking hours makes me happy and able to get through the day. I'm not always able to see my friends but I can talk to them over social media which always helps brighten my mood. I would be a huge mess without them, they have helped me get through loads of problems and I love them for it. So, my friends deserve to be in this list.

       2. Movies and TV shows.

I know this one may be stupid, but since doing media studies as an A level and having to understand everything that goes into the creative process of making a movie and TV show, I have been able to really appreciate the art that is on my screen. It brings me happiness that since studying a subject, it has given me more of an understanding of the small things that are happening during the show.

But also, movies and TV shows have been a big part of being a good distraction for me when times get tough, especially as one programme that I absolutely love has helped me stay safe and breathing just by having one episode a week. It's a format that I have grown to love and recently grown a better understanding of, and for me, that makes me happy on a day to day basis.

          3. Walking

Now, this might seem like a huge joke to those of you who actually know me. If you know me, you know that I hate the outside as I think I can get killed at any second. Which is true, I can get killed outside, you can't deny the truth. But, the times I do adventure out into the wilderness of where I live, I quite enjoy going on walks.

I like adventuring and finding new places that I never knew existed. I feel like every time I go outside there is something new to recognise. But I like walking as I get to clear my mind, I feel fresh after a long walk and my muscles aching, reminding me of why I should never step foot outside again. But I do go out again because I have dedications to work and college, which sadly, I can't do at home in the comfort of my bed.

But walking is a great thing. I like going out spontaneously and dawdling around for an hour or more, especially if I have a friend and my camera with me, that's when taking a stroll is the best because there is always something great to photograph!

          4. Photography

Photography kind of ties in with the walking and that there is always something I can photograph, which is very true because there is. But I love taking photo's of things up close and in detail, my friends doing stuff and me snapping a quick shot of them enjoying themselves, or the small details you might not recognise because you're not really paying attention to it.

I like photography because you create memories within a single image. And within that photo you have taken, it holds a story and a meaning which you might be able to recognise straight away, or when you are a bit older and looking back at it and smiling to yourself like a goof remembering how proud you were for taking such a great photo.

I think photography is a great thing and one of my favourite hobbies even though I don't really do enough of it. But when I have my small urges to take photographs of things, I always really enjoy myself and look through them with a dopey smile on my face. It's one of those things that make me happy for a few minutes, especially if other people like what I have taken a photo of.

          5. Parents

My parents make me happy. They don't really know this but they do. They give me everything that they can, they work hard to provide things for me and my brother and I appreciate it, even though I might not always show it and take advantage of what they provide me half of the time. But they make me happy, they have given me a good childhood and I think they have raised me up pretty well, I don't do anything I shouldn't. How can I when I spend a majority of my life at college, work or in my bed using the wifi that they pay for?

They're great people and I love them very much. I am really lucky to be able to say my parents still love each other and that my family is pretty perfect as we all stick together and we have done pretty well for ourselves so far. We all support each other and love one another. I couldn't ask for anything more, apart from my own mini fridge in my bedroom, but that's precise the point. They make me happy and I love them both lots.

          6. My bed

Ah, now my bed has a very soft and plushy spot in my heart. It's where I go to un-exist after a day of existing. If I am not busy with work or college, a majority of the time I will be laying in bed wasting time on my laptop. I'm not complaining, my bed is comfortable although sometimes I would like to not be in it as much. But, along with my bed being comfy, no word of a lie, but that is where the best wifi connection is. So, of course, I am going to be sat in the same spot for hours on end forgetting that I could be taking part in other activities outside with other people.

My bed makes me happy as sad as it sounds. It is my safe haven and where I go to nap away boring days and dream about things that would never happen in my life. Plus if I am having a bad day and I'm cranky, I go to sleep for a few hours and then when I wake up I am happy. So, my bed does actually make me happy on bad days. Plus, who doesn't love their bed?

          7. Books

I have loved books and reading since I was able to read Biff and Chip... Those books were classics and no English person can deny that. Books are able to take me out of the real world and place me in a fictional one. I read when I want to relax, or when I am having a hard time and need to be anywhere but my life. I am one of those people who imagine myself as the main character so I get to live through that character and live their life instead from my own.

Books and reading make me happy because it's paper with another person's mind and imagination all over it. I think it is so cool that we have novels to read, some of them have saved me and pulled me out of some really dark and depressing times. They're a good outlet for people who need them and we have millions of books to read in our lifetime, it's just finding the time to read them all as hundreds more are published every month.

Books are definitely a good outlet that makes me happy, there is nothing more satisfying than reading a good book that captures your full attention and places you in the story itself.

          8. Writing

I have always wanted to be an author. I have said that as soon as I could speak the words. I haven't wanted to be anything else, I have done for almost seventeen years, yep, from the womb. Writing is the thing that really makes me happy, it is my number one distraction. I write stories to distract myself and ignore my problems, or, sometimes I make my characters face the same problems and I work out what I should do in my actual life through the life I make my characters live. It's complicated for other people to understand, but that's probably because I am the only person I know that does this.

Writing stories makes me happy, especially when I finish writing one. I use to share my stories, but recently, where I have been making my characters face problems similar to mine, I haven't been sharing my stories as I don't want other people to read them. I know that is stupid. I mean, why write stories so only I can read them? But most of my writing is based on how I was feeling at the time of me typing away at my laptop to release every little thought that was stored in my mind but in a more creative way and so, maybe one day I can go back and read what place my mind was in all those chapters and novels ago. I might share these stories one day, but for now, I like having them as my own.

Writing has always been my favourite thing and it probably always will be. I always have a new story idea in my head, it's just the problem of trying to write it in a way that hundreds and thousands of other people might enjoy it too.

          9. Tumblr

Oh, would you look at this one... YES. I am your typical eye roll of a teenage girl but listen, tumblr is great! Okay? It is nice to be able to scroll endlessly and find things that relate to me in that moment. It makes me happy to see other people's creativity along with the odd spoiler to my favourite tv show or the odd picture of a puppy sleeping in the cutest position possible. People are able to share their creativity in whatever format they like and I like that someone has created a website so people can do that.

It makes me happy to have an immediate blog to repost stuff on so people know what mood I am in for the day. Plus, tumblr has literally everything... But you have to be warned, Supernatural will be able to relate to every single little thing on that website... And that fandom is not sorry for that.

Tumblr is one of those silly things that make me happy and can improve my day. I am a teenage girl, the stupid internet stuff is bound to please me. Maybe one day I will be an adult... Haha, like that will ever happen.

           10. Getting Through The Day

As silly as this sounds, when I am in one of my depressive downfalls or anxiety roller coasters, sometimes the most simplest thing as reaching the end of the day can make me happy. It's a goal that I have every day, as stupid and worrying as it sounds. But such a simple thing like this can make anyone who is in a similar place as I am, feel happy for a few minutes or even seconds. You have to appreciate every day that you live through, even it is was a bit crappy. You got through it and you can put that day to an end and hope for the next day to be better. I know it's cliche, but it's true. Things can only get better if you allow them.

So, these are ten things that make me happy, for now, I suppose. With the way I am as a person it can always change, maybe become eleven or nine... Or the list can change completely.

I would love to know what things make you happy, let me know in the comments. It doesn't have to be ten, it can be one thing that is currently making you happy in this very moment.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. And hey, I hope you're having a good day and you are happy. If not, try and do this, find ten things that make you happy, and focus on them, do one of the things. Read, write, take a walk, see your friends. Happiness is out there, you just have to go and grab it and take it as your own.

Until next time...

Noelani xx

ps. Go and check out my own personal blog: noelanilarlie.wordpress.com

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