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Hello! My name is Noemí and I’m a twenty-three year old enthusiast when it comes to chocolate and books. I study history and Slavic languages in the pretty town of Bern, Switzerland. I spend every Christmas Season working at my favourite bookshop and all summer selling ice cream. I love taking photographs of books, exploring Bern and visiting new bookshops and coffee shops.

This little blog is dedicated to book reviews, general book chat, and lots of recommendations. I love to talk about books I’ve been reading, books I’m loving, and books on my radar.

Because of my studies I am currently mostly reading Eastern European classics such as Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. Aside from that I love to read many genres of children's, young adult and adult fiction, from shiny hardbacks to worn-down paperback editions.
I am also part of Emma Watson's feminist bookclub «Our Shared Shelf» on Goodreads.


Review Policy

I will accept books from all publishers, including self published, as long as it is a finished and final copy.

I will not accept eBooks at the moment, so print books are the only available option. 

Please keep in mind that if I do publish a bad review, I will try to give reasons for it, and try not to be too harsh.

Please send me an e-mail via if you wish to submit a review request. Thank you!




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