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I recently began to use my smartphone to help me cope with my anxieties.


I am almost certain that every single one of you reading this owns a smartphone. Personally, I don’t like how dependent we have become on these devices, but they do have their advantages.

Last time I flew, I had decided beforehand that I would make the journey without using medication (on top of my daily dosage). I was surfing the internet for ways to prepare myself and deal with potential panic attack symptoms and it had never occurred to me that I had a portable therapist with me all along.

I came across this list of apps that had been rated and decided to try the following 3:



Best for – day to day self-reflection


This app has a really nice interface and is best used to monitor your mood and progress. You choose the most important aspects of your daily life and then set goals for each one e.g. sleep, exercise, eating, caffeine intake, meditation, medication etc. You then record if you achieved your goals and also how you are feeling at intervals during the day, which produces reports so that you can figure out where you need to improve.



Best for – changing your thought process and building self-control


On MindShift, you can choose which situations you are having the most difficulty with e.g. worry, social fears, conflict etc. and use their tools to alter the way you think about and approach them. It also contains information so that you can understand these issues better and inspirational quotes to help get you through them.


Panic Relief

Best for – when you are in the situation

Panic Relief

If you feel the symptoms of anxiety or panic beginning to set in then Panic Relief is there to help you regain control. It has a series of useful and discreet exercises to shift your focus and relieve your symptoms.


Use them together

Each of these apps works on different aspects of anxiety; reflection, preparation, situation. Using them together can really help you deal with something that you find particularly stressful and just knowing that it is in your pocket can bring relief.


Please leave a comment if you have used mobile apps that can help people with their anxieties and make them feel less alone.

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