I Sat Alone In A Resturant And It Wasn’t So Bad

I Sat Alone In A Resturant And It Wasn’t So Bad

Have you ever gone out to eat and you see someone eating alone (don’t lie now, because we all have) and wondered that they need a friend or they might be lonely? I know I have had pity for people for those people, and I also said I would never eat out alone.

I love the company of someone or a group of people when going out to eat, whether it’s for coffee or dinner. I guess what my problem really is, that I have the fear of being pointed out that I am sitting alone, the same thing I would do when I see others.I know I know! I shouldn’t do onto others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you. I hate pity and I would hate for someone to have pity for me. So if you feel bad for me, don’t.

The thought about going to lunch alone brought such anxiety and fear which I had to get over it. The Vice President at my job always talks about how eating lunch along is his favorite thing, he enjoys silence and time to himself which in fact motivated me more. So I decided to get over the fear and go out to lunch alone. I always go out with a co-worker for lunch, but this one particular day she wasn’t at work and it was a gorgeous day out. I didn’t want to waste an hour I could have been outside at my desk.

I’ve been dying to go to this place called Blank Slate Coffee + Kitchen (121 Madison Ave, New York). Let me just say, as I sat there waiting for my food I felt very confident in myself, like YES I am a women sitting alone at a restaurantAND WHAT?! I know people looked at me and honestly I don’t even think they even cared. I put on my headphones and munched away. I didn’t die nor have an anxiety attack, it felt nice to be in my own presence and over come something I thought I could never do.


I realized that I actually got to enjoy what I was eating. At times, I’m so hungry I don’t want to speak to anyone and just want to enjoy my food, not have to deal with that awkward silence as we all sit there chewing.

After I was done eating I found myself in a better mood, I felt recharged and ready to go back to work. So in conclusion, eating alone wasn’t bad at all and next time I see someone eating alone, I’m throwing them with the “YAAAAAAAAS!

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Sep 21, 2016, 2:12:16 AM

I love eating out by myself. My friends always think that it's the weirdest thing that I don't want to socialize during lunch. But I love having the time to myself.

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