Livin' The Vida Loca

Livin' The Vida Loca

I received a group text from my friends one day about planning a trip to Puerto Rico. I was super up in the air about it because it was literally getting planned a month before and I was worried about my lack of many PTO days.

But I said, f**k it and automatically booked my flight.

Buenos Dias Puerto Rico!

I landed at 1:32am and outside were my friends waiting for me in a baller white Jeep Wrangler as they blasted my favorite spanish song “La Gozadera” (warning: click link will make you shake your butt.) When we finally got back to the house, I automatically became obsessed. The house was so sick, it was two floors along with a roof deck which was perfect for the night (because that daytime sun is a killer.) When deciding where to stay we all agreed that we didn’t want to stay in a resort because we wanted to have the real experience of Old San Juan.

We were there for a long weekend, people would say that is too short, but traveling to new places is never too short when you make the best out of the time there. We had super early morning and long nights. I jotted a couple of my favorite experience.

First Night:

We went to a bar called “La Cubanita” which was a small rustic bar blasting with salsa music. The ambience was super chill with an awesome staff of bartenders. The bars in Old San Juan, or what I like to say Viejo San Juan didn’t serve food late but La Cubanita did, and it was such an awesome perk! We ordered their cuban sandwich and their pork empanadas, to die for. I’m all for authentic food and it was delicious.

Day Two:

We woke up at 7:30am and we were all VERY 'hangry' the state of hungry and angry. We strolled around the old city until we found something we all agreed on. We found this super cute restaurant called "Melt Local Artisan Diner" The food came out very very slow only to our knowledge that there was only one chef, who turned out to be the owner. Talk about Girl Boss. 

Hiking is something I always enjoyed doing so when we heard about El Yunque National Rain Forest which is "the only tropical rain forest in the United States National Forest System," (Wikipedia) we we're all excited to hike through a rain forest because none of us have ever done so. Little did we know that the hike was going to kick us in the butt. When you start your journey through the rain forest to the peak of the trail is about a 45 give or take depending how many times to stop to take in the experience which I recommend you do. It is filled with many amazing scenic views, historical features and waterways. We stopped several times to climb the rocks through the waterways which was scary because of the fear of slipping and falling but it is just a must to sit in between the waterways and dip your toes in and relax.

Of course, after we finally accomplished the whole forest we were starving and decided to stop in town to get authentic food. We stopped at this place called "Carmines" which had a huge sign outside that said "MOFONGO" and that automatically caught our eye and won our hearts. The staff only spoke spanish, which was ok because we spoke the language, besides me who only understands but I tried and was proud of myself because I thought I was going to make a fool out of myself which I didn't. I ordered a churrasco steak with a side of mofongo, as my friend ordered the red snapper, which was huge. The food was amazing and so tasteful that I was so curious how their desserts were. I ordered myself a flan, and coming from a Dominican/Cuban background I was excited to taste theirs because I'm obsessed with my mom's flan. 


One word: AMAZING! That is literally all I'm going to say. ::currently heavy breathing thinking about it::

Day Three:

My morning started as I woke up earlier then all my friends. I don't believe in sleeping in or wasting time on vacation, as I waited for everyone to wake up I threw on a bathing suit and made my way up to our roof deck, where I fried myself. I was a lobster.

We ended up going out for brunch at this place called "Waffle-Era." The unique-ness of this place caught our eye, it was waffle heaven. Just from the name you can already guess what their menu is all about. Literally everything is on a waffle, everything. You can get eggs to pizza on a waffle. I had their dish called "The Big Breakfast," which consisted eggs (any way you like it) with an extra topping of bacon and prosciutto, along with a mimosa. HEAVEN. The place itself is super cute, with indoor and outdoor seating.

After stuffing our face and filling our bellys, we headed to the beach. There are many beaches in Puerto Rico but we went to one in Loiza. It was so perfect, because there was basically nobody around, no noise and just peace. The water was super calm, standstill, and not cold at all. A beach is a beach to me, however their beach was defiantly on my list.


Later that night, we went kayaking and it was not just any kayaking, it was night kayaking in the BioLuminesent Bay "where microorganisms give the water a blue-green glow." (Wikipedia) Sadly, there was no photos taken because all cameras and iphones were not permitted to possible water damage and not being able to see the glow with a camera lense. It was literally such an awesome experience.  It was a 45 minute kayaking experience through a canal of mangroves to a huge empty area of water. Once we all got to the area, we were told to put your hand wrist length and move it around the water. As you do you see the water glowing, or what I thought it looked like was Tinkerbell's pixie dust.

I must say, it might have been a short trip but I had an awesome time. Riding top down through out the streets, and getting the "old" city vibe was amazing.

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