Living In New York City Is The Best Way To Learn How To Be Alone

Living In New York City Is The Best Way To Learn How To Be Alone

10:39pm on a Sunday sitting in my bed as I begin to write, I think to myself how sometimes it’s very lonely to live in New York City. Anyone who lives in New York can say how he or she is alone about 80 percent of the time. With over 8 million people in this city, it’s hard to believe that people can feel so alone, right?

I have an answer for you, New Yorkers work their f**king asses off. Majority of our lifestyle is a routine, we wake up super early wondering how we are functioning but we do it with a smile on our face. I don’t know about you but the thought of taking the train and standing in the middle of a mass crowd can give me anxiety and to think your alone for all of this. Unless you are the very few people who have someone to travel with then good for you (just me being jealous.) However, now that I think about it, I like taking the train alone and going to work alone because I like my peace and quiet in the morning rather than feeling obligated to speak and have to listen.

We all have a couple of friends that we can consider really close or good friends in the city, but we all are on different life tracks and have their own separate life. Every person we work with or pass has a different story to tell and I think that is pretty cool, knowing there is some sort of different story behind every face you come across. Theres both a beauty and  scary reality to it. Nobody knows what you are going though but at the same time someone can be going through the same as you.

We live in the city of dreams with unlimited opportunities, yet we have this constant question “Why me?” Why would someone pick me” or “Why do I feel so alone in a city with thousands of people.”

Have you ever realized that sometimes it’s a hassle to make plans with a friend or a significant other. We all live in a hectic world, and sometimes the time we get to ourselves can be a bit hard on how we want to spend and enjoy it. Do we want to spend it having some downtime alone, or do we enjoy it with good company.

Everyone is out to prove something and you are one in a million; it seems like it in a huge city and you are the only one who can make these dreams happen. The people you pass on a day to day basis don’t give a sh*t about you, of course if you are in need of help I hope someone gives you a helping hand. Other then that, forget about the people you see for a split second, because I can promise you they will forget about you.

I casually had lunch alone today at a super cute cafe and surrounding me was three very attractive men, and as I was listening in on their conversation I realized I had some stuff in common with them to the point that I wish I was able to include myself in. I thought to myself how we should make a move to someone or talk to someone we think we can relate too because when is the next time you’re going to meet someone as cool as you? It’s hard now a days to find anyone who ‘gets you’ because you will never see them again. Say goodbye!

After everything I said, you might be thinking what my point is why it is a good thing. Well, because it makes you invincible. People go about their life trying to be “ok” with being alone in life. People who love themselves and are content with being alone are the ones who understand life. They understand self worth and value. They also understand that we spend our entire life looking for things.

Living in the Big Apple will make you become a strongindependent and realperson who is ok with being alone and feeling alive when doing so. I’ve learned that being alone is a privilege and not everyone can handle (best believe I know people who can not be alone.) To whoever lives in New York you know what it is like to be in this situation and let me just tell you that you are amazing and you can do anything you put your mind to, and the best part of all of this is that you can do it alone, all by yourself.

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