Reality check: You're not "adulting" you're growing up

Reality check: You're not "adulting" you're growing up

The word "adulting" according to Urban Dictionary which seems to be a "reliable source"  means "to do grown up things and hold responsibilities." The real question is will it make it to the "real" dictionary, along with other words such used in today's age.

The word "adulting" has become a new thing anytime a 20-something year old does, for instance cooking, laundry or be able to balance a work life and going out. On Thursday's I always do my laundry and that's me "adulting" when in reality it's only a responsibility.

To be honest, I don't give a fuck if you work an awesome 9-5 job, go to the gym everyday, if you can cook, or live by yourself. It doesn't make you an adult nor do you need praising.

Congrats on having a full time job or employed, you're just like most "adults."

Congrats on knowing how to do the laundry, you need clothes to live.

Congrats on going to the gym and eating healthy, claps for you realizing your metabolism isn't the same as you were younger.

For some of people who think they are such adults, yet all they worry about it hashtags and filters #mature.

Don't get me wrong there is a difference between dependent and independent from getting your own car, apartment and your own health insurance.

I still live with my parents, I don't pay for any bills, I come home to home cooked meals and the only "adult" thing I can say I do, is my own laundry. People can say that's lazy, being ungrateful, but I know it's far from that. I'm happy that I can live my life stress-free without living paycheck to paycheck and having the ability to save all that I can for the moment that I actually move out.

If you think about it, we praise ourselves or our friends for when we do simple things like grocery shopping and we are fulfilling the stereotype our generation has.

As I brainstormed while writing this, I thought how about us picking up a book and reading, talk about politics more, volunteer, stay on top of student loans (one thing I should be doing,) not maxing out credit cards over stupid stuff, pay our bills on time, being more family oriented and taking care of your well-being. These are the things that should be getting praising.

When we all turned 18 we all said we were adults, and that our parents couldn't tell us what to do and we thought we could do whatever we wanted. Remember?  Because I sure do.

And now look.

We ARE adults. We've been adults, now let's act on it.

"Adulting" seems to have just become a "productive member in society." So now you tell me, what does "adulting" actually mean.

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