Law of Attraction VS The Truth

Law of Attraction VS The Truth

Aug 4, 2016, 2:41:24 PM Life and Styles

Not from the species of most optimistic people on this earth, I still have done it all. From attracting things, day dreaming and most of the times being positive, affirmative and loyal to what I want. I kept asking the universe what I want rather than what I don’t want. And I have been waiting to receive it from the time I can feel is eternity. An avid reader of “The secret” I believe in all that is said in the book (No offence!!), But I am more interested in the after picture, though. So I have different views.

Umpteen times I have had a strong belief that fairytales do exist and we just have to hold on to them. We just have to trust our destiny, believe in God, the universe and call out for it. I don’t believe that God has put us on this earth to be ordinary. Whatever we strongly aspire with all our heart and work, does come true. In the quest, we rightly ignore the present circumstances, opinions of others and rely solely on our perspective of the world, our dreams and aspirations.

We start living in trance and are convinced that we have already won, reached half way and that it’s just a matter of some days to achieve our goals. Some reach the final goal too and that’s great, but are you one of those who is always left half way, waiting eternally for clearing the final post.

I admit, I am one of those, and it’s because TRUTH hits me real hard. It always does!!

Sometime or later, the law of attraction fades. However strong the signal one sends or however long one waits hoping that miracles do happen, TRUTH prevails. Maybe there is this law of attraction but, no one’s telling us — what happens if the WAIT is so long that the aspiration drives you insane leading to self-harm. It can as well crumble the present and get you depressed. Maybe your relationships are getting worse and you are not even aware of it. This Law of attraction is complicating life instead of solving the puzzles for you.

What to do in such situations when the universe isn’t even interested in your bullshit? Do you cling on to your fairytales and still believe that good things are in store for you somewhere down the line? Are you ready to face THE TRUTH and decide to take control of your life? Are you ready to risk it all?

There is always a NO to every Yes. Believe me, sometimes being a pessimist for a fraction of a second saves our life too! When your impractical dreams are taking you nowhere, it’s wise to let go. Stop wasting time on things which are obsolete in frames of time for you. Those fairytales are not meant to be. It’s a rude truth, a timely alarm to get you off those spiraling thoughts. See the truth and not anyone’s perspective of it. It’s a difficult path, but we need to walk it. And this realization is important, its timing too.

So, let’s be ready to end some things - in turn paving ways for new beginnings. Set different goals again. Have a reachable, practical purpose this time. Do the backward counting, plan and visualize the outcome. Take it easy, have fun along the way and maybe this time it will be different. After all, someone said “Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true”!!

Published by Nupur Jena


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