ACH! I'm No Singer Ye know!

ACH! I’m No Singer Ye Know!

So. I thought it would be a good idea to play another Open Mic tonight put on by Open Studio Art Café in Pickering. Wonderful people and great and talented musicians come out to play here. Well it finally came to be my turn to play and I was guested with a very talented guy originally from New Jersey, Marc Taylor on congas which helped A LOT! Plus another amazing friend and drummer sat in for my set too, Randy. Marc & Randy sat in with some of the other players and provided some great added percussive bits to their set so  I told them the songs I was going to do and they knew 2 out of 3 so   just wing it on the one they didn’t know, s’all good. Now. I am a musician, yes, I am a highly improvisational musician, also, yes. I am not a singer by any means!  NO! Lol. Well I figured what the hell and get up there and do your bit ye jakey spastic! Not like you haven't done it before right?  We took a stab, more like I took a stab at Porcupine Tree's Even Less firstly but acoustically this time and a truncated version form the 13min it is on the album or so right?!




SEE ABOVE: NOT A SINGER, Debut Performance as OddsFiche, Pickering Aug.2016 Cuz I had no pictures from tonight yet!

Well I was applauded for my efforts  Again, no push vocally and another guy, Dan came out and brought this small PA system so everyone could just plug in and we'd all sound merry and grand, except me, I could finally hear myself and hated every word of it. For the love of Pete I can not sing if my ass was on the line!  I can sing well when I harmonize with someone else or in a group and of course quietly or with the music playing through my iPod or CD, we all can but on my own……. watching train wrecks in the winter offer more consolation! Nobody gets hurt but the wreckage in its wake is atrocious! Now one could say I am being too hard on myself as most of us are in being our own worst critic and harshest on ourselves and what we do but I know my limitations, kinda like playing lottery or gambling, know your limits and play within them! My second song was Godless by The Dandy Warhols which I fared a bit better with but nothing great and screwed up because Dan kept messing around with the dials on my guitar and vocal channel so it sounded like we were in a loop or a tunnel where you would hear it then not for a minute and I kept adding an extra measure to the song making it a bit gruesome for Marc and Randy. Either way I enjoyed it for what it was and that’s what matters. Not like the old days when we would play gigs in the first band I was in and I’d hear the singers from other bands and think Geezus we gotta compete with that?!?!?!!  I’m out! Now I wasn’t the lead singer for that band but did backups and it was more heavy metal/hard rock stuff we were doing but not like the bands we played with but more like the opening act to Black Sabbath or Motorhead in the 70’s, we were just filler for the headliner ya know? We were pretty good but not without a lot of flaws but one could look past that back then, not now, I’m being too picky I guess. Must something with age or style of playing and the type of music you are putting out there. Finally we came to my last song of the evening which is one of my favourites and the three of us do a damn good rendition of it which can be seen on my YouTube channel(Progbeawr831) in a funky green colour lol. Plus lots of other stuff from me but anyways..... You'll see when you go check it out ; )

We do a grand cover of Pink Floyd's Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (1968) and Randy throws in this great Middle Eastern feel on the drums and Marc gets pretty hyped up with it and interestingly enough Dan provided some wonderfully added bass lines in the background giving it a full body kickass version in my opinion! For some reason we just all seem to click with this one which is funny too because neither of them know that song by The Floyd and a girl in the audience said after that she looked up the original last time we performed it and didn't even know about it either! Not surprising though because most people only really know three albums by Pink Floyd; Darkside of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall and I refuse to play anything from any of those albums just because there is so much more to the Floyd canon than those three records! But I digress, we did an awesome job of that song and will probably do it again soon to which I have no problems singing that one cuz it's a quiet vocal and I can hide in the guitar lines lol.

This is why I have chosen to be more of a theatrical musician in the way I play where what I do creates the imagery in your mind from the notes I am playing rather than hearing my dreadful voice cackle out something from a Z-Class horror movie that sounds like it missed the cutting room floor and went straight for the bin!

I’ve spoken with a couple of potential band members to help fill out my sound but once they hear what it is I’m doing as opposed to what I’m about…. they’re out. Only sat down and had a couple of pints with one bass player who was what I thought all in and for it because we were hitting all the right marks and seeing eye to eye on pretty much everything but alas my thoughts were fleeting over a few weekends ago as I had THAT feeling and sure enough by the Tuesday he sent me a text saying he couldn’t commit to the time of being in another band. Ok, fine but I personally think it’s because he actually sat down and listened to what I was doing. Trying to find a avant-garde players is like trying to find a needle in a corn field so I just take the chance to talk to people as often as possible about my music and vocally it’s more spoken word than anything which I’m not even really keen on but I do with no problems. Not afraid of public speaking of performing, just not crazy about how I sound amplified I guess and again, no push to my voice that way. So for now I am left to my own devices to doing the vocals to my music and whenever I do cover tunes for now which is fine but I always admit that I’m NO Singer!

YouTube: Progbeawr831




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