Attracting New Fans and Listeners

Attracting New Fans and Listeners




No it’s not easy is it? Trying to find people who dig what you do without forcing them to like you because that’s not what it’s all about! Family and friends and loved ones will support you and even if it’s not their cup of tea they do tend to find a sweet spot somewhere in their heart to enjoy and appreciate what you do musically. They enjoy watching you enjoy what you do in that sense then. We’re past the era of forcible enjoyment by Kings and Tyrannical rulers from days of Yore right?!  Lol, of course we are. But with new music people are a bit apprehensive and almost immediately defensive that they’re sure to have a series of doubt in their minds. We’re all guilty of it be it; music, movies, books, TV shows, people whatever it may be but you know as well as I do that we’ve all done it. But anyways, trying to garner new fans is like introducing your new partner to your family, you’re not sure what they will think because they have envisioned already who they think you should be with and when they see that person just as when people hear your music for the first time it catches them off guard often which can be quite entertaining really! I have been fortunate and not so fortunate catching the attention of people’s interest in my music but that’s all part of it right? Absolutely because what I do is so outside most people’s concept of what “music” should sound like and so many people have not ventured outside their comfort zones, I believe I mentioned this in the last blog but it’s very true.

Doing new music and doing music that really stretches the limitations of what is considered to be actual musical sounds is the key to creativity. I’m not the first and surely not the last! There have been numerous bands and artists over the years who have created their craft and honed their talents in to what they truly believe is music, new age and experimental as far as sound was invented to appeal to the human ear. Artists like Iannis Xenakis who was making similar music as far back as the early 1950’s and was considered both a genius and a kook for his work. More modern age artists like Jumble Hole Clough, Big Block 454, Churn Milk Joan, Brise-Glace and James Plotkin to name a few in the huge assortment of musicians and bands out there who help create and forge this genre.


But in this day and age it’s hard to have people keep an open mind what with the internet being around and all where pretty much anything you can think of is up for grabs. You think it, you can find it! From A to Z and beyond, your imagination stripped of its credibility and your most erotic, bizarre and deep down devious thoughts can all be yours with a click of a couple of buttons and Whoosh(!) there it is! Tadaaaaaa!!!!! So being new and different can be difficult, especially when it’s music you are indulging your talents in because there’s nothing that’s sacred or taboo anymore, unless of course you’re one of those parents who lock everything but the family friendly material on your computer, or live under a rock somewhere which does happen from time to time! But I digress….again….lol. It’s always exciting for me to play my material live because there’s always someone new in the audience who has not heard it, has not even been exposed to anything remotely close to it and it’s an entirely new experience to them and will either horrify and shock them or blow them away and have them coming back for more next time! Preferably the latter!

Generally I don’t get too many comments from people after I play because they’re still digesting what they had just heard and wondering, “What the hell was that?  Art? Music? Or just some guy in a bowler hat making some ridiculous noise?” I’ve also had one person tell me that it reminded them of their first acid trip, or BAD acid trip maybe! The audiences that I have performed for thus far have been a crowd of my generation and older so it’s a mixed bag where they can’t quite fathom what I’m doing especially when they are bombarded with the first song I always choose top perform, “Subtle Grenade Cereal and Oyster Velocity” as it has the most punch and is always guaranteed to pack in a highly improvised mid section that has no limitations or boundaries to it. Even the studio version to the official video to it below has plenty of high impact feeling to it that brings out the monstrosity of the track.



That’s usually where I tend to lose people because it’s so avant-garde right out of the gates and by the time I get around to doing the more ambient material in my canon I’ve already made several people’s cerebellums short circuit or fuse in to a melted pile of goo! Hmmmmm…. maybe I should save that one for last as an encore? Might have to try that sometime but it is hard for me to perform a lot of my material live without the assistance of more and hopefully soon band members! It would ease the score between ambient and a torrential downpour of sound on people. Maybe that will help get people to listen in to me a bit more eh? Who knows, maybe so, maybe no. But I do hand out my card to people I talk to about my music and do actually tell them that it is outside the box thinking music and not your average easy listening stuff and of course to please be open minded! Maybe because I’m so verbose at times I talk my way out of them even checking it out? I still think that it’s too outer space left solar system third moon from planet KBX2F5 or something for a lot of people to comprehend yet, especially in North America lol.

It’s all about finding your audience and filling in the space that they have been looking for outside of family and friends and I’m slowly building that up in a round about way because more young people are coming out and they have also showed their friends what it is I do so every little bit helps! Also by reaching out through here, YouTube and any other forms of social media I can access outside of Facebook. It’s the one site I will not make a page for my music because I have heard too many stories where it claims that they have rights to your music and can do what they want with it without paying you a nickel in royalties so I think I’ll pass there. As well if you go on tour and start making money they claim royalties and apparently have told bands that they can’t play certain songs because Facebook owns the rights to it blah blah blah. How much of that is true I don’t know but I’m not about to test that conspiracy theory so….. It’s in the fine print, same as that they are allowed to use your pictures for their own uses and sell them to third parties for money, again, read the fine print. Annnnnnyways…….moving right along now.

Every artist finds their audience calling at some point and then when you do you hang on to them because they’re the ones who come see you and get your albums and a joy to play for and then they tell two friends, who tell two friends and so on, and so on…. Sometimes you just play for the sheer enjoyment of playing which I do as well and it doesn’t matter if there is one or one hundred people in the place, you’re just happy to play and you put your 110% in to it either way.

Well I’ve kind of gone all over the map with this one but regardless, anyone who likes your music is a fan and you become a fan of them because they gave your sound a chance and allowed it in to their head and they liked it and that’s all you can ask of people is to just listen and be open minded. It’s one of the greatest gifts they can give you any time, is to listen openly and for all those who do I thank you. Enjoy



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