Brain Drain and Thinkin' Out Loud Again!

Yeah I did it again….. Dumped all my creativity out at once and made four albums and have no ideas left at the moment for the next album. So what do I do? I put out live Ep’s of my live shows now cuz well…. saves people from having to release bootlegs but of course I have to add that bootleg album artwork touch to them because it brings back so much joy from when I used to buy them and empty my paycheques in to the record store's coffers on a weekly basis at times, sometimes twice a week! But it’s also fun to create your own artwork too. It gives you the sense of bootlegging your own work ya know? Weird, like you’re the official and black market dealer of your own work! Hey if King Crimson can do it with DGM (Discipline Global Mobile) then why can’t I eh? Besides it continuously gives fans something to listen to, even if it’s the same set list over and over because Subtle Grenade Cereal is always different every time I play it aside form the initial first notes so you know what song it is! But I am slowly building up ideas for the next album, very slowly mind you. Perhaps it’s because if I didn’t get all those ideas out at once I’d lose them and forget how I wanted them to be played out on album. I could have waited for specific times to release them of course but currently I don’t have a HUGE fan base nor have I sold a single album as yet so variety is always good eh?

Yeah, I made my bandcamp page because it is exciting really to have your complete discography laid out on a page where everyone can see what you have done and what you have to offer like a buffet of records staring at you in the face just sitting there waiting to be played and enjoyed at whatever levels you take albums at. If you’re like me you absorb the album and play it to death before it gets to become white noise in your head and just filler for the dead air that surrounds the room, no, I’m talking about really taking the album all in and making it a part of you when you dig on an artist. It’s like good Japanese food, you don’t just eat it, you take it all in; the smell, the texture, the colour, the taste the presentation of its delicacy. That’s what you do with a new album and any album in your collection that you have kept for more than any given amount of time. Records are supposed to whisk you away to somewhere else and take you on journeys through your cerebral cortex that you didn’t know existed and land you in a place in the back halls of your bran where you can hide from the rest of the world and forget that reality does exist. It becomes a drug that you can take as often and as loud and in any amounts you so desire to without overdosing…..which can and does AND has happened to us all at times. I know that I have OD’d on a few albums in my time but I did eventually go back to them after a while. Some sounded amazing all over again and some were just as dead as when I left them and put them away for a while longer. I think that’s why I put so much material out at once so that people listening can have a wider variety of things to listen to by me even if it is the same songs for the live sets. The first few gigs I would incorporate some Pink Floyd riffs to sorta associate my music with people so they could familiarize themselves with what I was doing but after playing The Cavern downtown and the next gig our at Open Studio I decided to stop playing the Floyd bits inside one of my original songs because of the following reasons;

1. I’m not a member of The Pink Floyd or a Pink Floyd Tribute Band, 2. I’m not anything like them albeit I could see where correlations can be made between the two. 3. I don’t want to be associated with The Pink Floyd as much as they are my favourite band or any band for that fact though I’m sure once my albums come around to being reviewed it may be said who I remind people of which is fine with me, that'd be an honour! But I don’t want to be considered to be a rip off artist of some other band because I truly feel that I have created something truly unique and original here with my songs even if other bands do similar things, we are not each other. Finally, 4. I want to be recognized for what I am doing musically and garner a fan base from that. Call me old school about this but it's how I've always felt about my music and anyone who makes music that is truly original wants to be known for what they do and not who they listen to aside from being sat shoulder to shoulder with their heroes in a non-comparison kinda way.






I really enjoy what I do musically and will start work on the next album soon. I am thinking probably come the winter because I don’t see me going out to play as often in the heaps of snow and stupid way that people drive in winter, especially when they haven’t learned how to do it and/or have not a clue what they are doing behind the wheel of a car. I don’t like to take my gear out in the cold weather either lol, just sayin’! If I was on tour it would be well taken care of and properly transported whereas I don’t have such luxuries with just my truck and simplified cases and gear haulin’ equipment! As you can see in the picture above that even with playing smaller places I tend to have quite a bit of gear and wires etc, it gets a little complicated to set it all up in such small places at times and not being the best physically thanks to having a body that moves somewhat like a train wreck you watch in slow motion I am not the most maneuverable person! I have the balance of a dreidel! LOL

I have the artwork for the next album pretty much done which is how I work in a way. I get the album’s cover art done before I even start recording, maybe it’s to give me a goal to strive to finish and work on as opposed to just recording songs that have no home to go to afterwards. Just the way I think I guess. I do have actually two designs for the next album that are extremely different from one another and a select few very close people to me all agreed on the one over the other and they don’t even know each other so I had to go with the one they felt best represented me and my music. The one that was not used will eventually be used at some point but right now it’s too mature of an album cover for what I am doing. I’m not saying my music is silly or warrants comical cover art but it’s the psychology behind the cover and the tonality of what I do musically. The album art has to fit the album’s music held within. I believe that the more “mature” album cover will be used for when I have played a few more shows and have a wider range of venues that I have been to and can make a decent compilation of a live album, that’s where that album cover will be best used. Things will be better once I have managed to gain the attention of others and people who share my enthusiasm for being different and like what I do musically and join the band so that the creativity can flow more over than it does now. I invite you to go to my bandcamp page and have a listen open mindedly and check out what it is I do. I'm certain a lot of you will think it's not something you would buy or listen to and that is totally cool with me because like I've said before, what I do is very left field and not most people's comfort zone cup o' tea here but to the avant-garde listener and those of you who appreciate the stranger things in life, this just may be right up your alley and a nice addition to your Prog Collective of albums to spin now and then.






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