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Odilia McNatt is from Fallon, Nevada. She graduated from California State University, Sacramento. She works as freelance writer. Odilia is a professional musician and she enjoys gardening. Also, she is a Greenpeace volunteer. 

Creative Visualization

I am a firm believer that everyone is capable of being creative with in their thoughts and have the ability to visualize their success in life what ever that may be, but not in the way most people think.

I base my theories on my own personal life experiences, through living, reading books, and home study related programs. One of my (but not my main) sources of knowledge derived from DR Jonathan Parker’s audio study program Decoding The Abundance Mindset. Dr Jonathan Parker’s programs have the visualization tools and are set out in a easy to understand format so you don’t get overloaded with too much information at once. Their are many great mentor ship programs online but Decoding The Abundance Mindset is what was right for me personally.

I decided to write on the same issue with a bit of spin just to try and get my interpretation across some more in hope that more people can relate to my view on Law of Attraction through the power of Visualization.

How To Visualize And Create

In order to create what we want in life we must first learn visualization techniques, we must first learn to visualize the success in our minds that we want to align ourselves with. If you need to write coursework, you can turn to best coursework writing service or visualize, that you have already had it. Visualization is paramount when wanting to create success but we also recognize that visualization alone will not allow us to reach our goals. With out acting on what we envision, success will remain nothing but a dream.

Some will have you believe that success can come from wishful thinking, i call them them lotto dreamers. I mean we all want to win lotto right? But for most of us it will never happen. Whilst we can visualize it, we can take action and buy a lotto ticket, everything else is a gamble. We have no control of the numbered balls jumping around inside the dome.


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