When We Are Happy.

When We Are Happy.

life is good at least that is what they are saying.......

Who are they? and what do they have to say about my life? Nobody can say anything about my life or how I should live it right?  Well, we live in a world full of haters and naysayers. I don't want to believe in that, but it's true. I wake up in a world where people just pretend they are going along with each other. Life isn't fair, but who said it has to be? If we all can be better people, if we all can go along with each other then all of this nonsense (war, human trafficking, destroying the world etc) would not happen. It all started with the disobedience of mankind thousands of years ago. When I study the first chapters of Genesis (Bible) deeper,  I understand God knew about our mistakes long before it would happen. Now was my question; why go through this pain, Adam and Eve?  I think "and it's my own bible study theory" that God just don't want any robots to love him, but true and pure people. People who worship him with their full and loving hearts. He knows the hearts, he can read us from the inside. Nobody can't. I don't believe anybody can say that the person knows you from inside out because deep in you there is something more, a secret you do not want to share with others, and maybe not even with God, but he can read us. He knows us. 

I believe I had a pretty comfortable and happy youth, but then again I have the gift of seeing the good in others so nobody could do anything wrong and if they did they just have to repent. People would look at me and ask me this question "why are you always happy?" Back then I would say because I live a good life and I feel very blessed. Now I would say something else. It would be more like "Jesus died for me that is love = Love is........1 Corinthians 13. 

Yes, that is the answer! LOVE IS THE ANSWER it has nothing to do with me. Who cares about me. Happiness is just something for a minuted or two, but love is forever. When you get that gift you wanted for a very long time, you are happy. When your best friend betrays you are unhappy. You see happiness is only a moment in life. I don't say you can't be happy?? it's part of life but pursuing it... meh not for me, because it just happens - you see happen =happiness. 

Love is the one thing that is forever and I don't talk about the human love, but the greatest love and example of all, Jesus Christ who gave his life for mankind.  You get married if you love that person and what I mean by this is, you choose to love that person during the good and bad days. The ups and downs, the high and low seasons in life.  That is love, not happiness. 

So do feel happy but remember it comes and goes, do not look back. 



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