Life In My Perspective

Life In My Perspective

When I wake up every single day, I wonder whether I am actually worthy to be awake. Believe me I know the kind of thoughts you all reading this might be having right now. But rest assure I think you've also asked yourself the same question for quite sometime, and you kinder get this weird sensation of doubts flowing in your big chunk of a mind. Nevertheless I want you to start by telling yourself you are worthy of every short of the day for as long as your find yourself waking up everyday for the next i don't really know how long. Simply you have about two categories of people to be grateful to and you ought to see the value in these people that is family and Friends;

 1. Family 

These category is often ignored for all its worth, i keep asking myself why this is so. Today I am going to tell you why I think this category is worthy to be mentioned and loved.

This is precisely the very first group of individuals that u will learn the art of to-love or be loved, to care or be cared for, socializing, understanding the difference in human personalities and respectfulness towards all that surrounds you.



This perhaps is the most important aspect in this category for it is the stronghold of any family. man and woman fell in love lets say twenty years ago and the product of this love you and your siblings that is if any, given some are just an offspring. Either way this is your family. Mother and son or daughter are bounded by the love the mother exerts to the little one and the same affection and trust is built between the two so strong only that one person can break it. For example those of you who have watched the supernatural series there are these two characters Dean and Sam Winchesters, they have this undying love for each other to a point where they would go to lengths to make sure the other is safe from any sort danger to even signing deals with the devil for the sake of the other to be safe no matter the situation they are in even the other is the cause of the whole predicament. you may think why all this fiction character talk.

Love among best friends is so cute



These blood brothers inspire me never to give up on family and love family no matter what happens good or bad. It may be a joke to many given there are many who have gone through hell with family, totally I understand this because family is the only place u will have to go through all the worst with and never should you allow anyone who is not family to give you hard time. This is a fact, I don't mean to be disrespectful those with families understand this quite well and we the offspring have to understand what love is in a family and what love outside the family cycle feels like.


Think about what we are without family, loners, outcast you name it. That is what we are for sure trust me when I say no ones to be alone even the forsaken or the meanies around no offense. It's human nature.

An African family 

To care or to be cared for

Refers to act of showing you want someone to be well and okay physically and psychologically able in every aspect. And to be cared for is reciprocate that feeling good wishes to another as you one would want to be thought about as well as shown the love. This concept works hand-in-hand with love. For one can not love without caring for some and the reverse is true. 

If at all there is someone out there who can love without caring well given the aspect of intimacy is at bay then I truly have this immense deep thoughts for you.


A lady and two kids enjoy a light moment of joy

In life one needs to learn this aspect of life as it will help pave your way towards your goals. Socializing, an act of getting to know someone new to you by starting up a simple conversation with this person and being able to hold the conversation for as long as you can hold it. Putting in mind you are learning who this person is, how they think, do things, and build a mutual trust depending on how long one develops the trust, care and liking towards this person and this act is most times reciprocated. In case it is not at least you would walk away knowing this in mind (you gave it your best). You can only learn to socialize well from how much you get involved with your family member for it is where one learns this great skill of life. I for one got to know people from talking more with my siblings amazing how one can learn from knowing how to communicate with the little ones especially when you are of different age brackets.

Children sharing a moment with a tab from 


For instance how you start a conversation with kid below ten years isn't the same way you would talk to someone of the same age or fifteen years or even way older than you are. 

Family is one own beginning to successful personality development that will be treasured not only by your immediate family or friends and most importantly yourself. Remember for whatever you do, never forget who your family is biological or not it doesn't matter as long as you feel you are home with a family.

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