My Uganda-Japan Festival Experience

My Uganda-Japan Festival Experience

Dec 9, 2016, 1:38:45 PM Life and Styles

Festivals have become a norm in Uganda for the past few months such as the Uganda Rolex, the glorious Kampala carnival, the beer festival, the Uganda film festival, the post-independence manufacturers’ festival at the UMA show grounds.

Festival what does it mean in for starters, give me a few seconds to explain before I get back to my festive moods.

Festival refers to a series of performances of music, plays, films/ movies organised in the same place once a year for the public.

Now that what a festival is in order, let’s get back to the Uganda – Japan festival that happened on the 3rd of December being a Saturday.

 Uganda – Japan Festival

An event organised by the Japanese Embassy of Uganda held at the lovely Yujo Izakaya Restaurant found on Kyadondo road Kampala.

First things first, we thank the ambassador of Japan to Uganda for allowing this event to happen and of course Yujo Izakaya management and staff for their hospitality.

Now we dive in with activities like food tasting, karate display of splendid skill sets, making origami art crafts, Japanese wine tasting, kanji calligraphy writings and Japanese films.

Who doesn’t love food, if such a question is asked, believe me not but some may just go savage on you over that silly question.

Ramen was on the high look out for many of the goers list if Japanese popular meals to try out, not forgetting the pork soup damn that was yummy.

Witnessing the making of Rice cake blew me away. Boiled rice is pounded down to make the cake continuously till the desired texture is achieved.

Many may believe that is wasn’t tasty but trust me it was worth it.

Wine tasting was my favouring part of the whole event, when we got the chance to sip a few glasses of the famous Saki (a Japanese alcoholic drink made from rice).

There she stood in a colourless short necked bulged bottle just waiting for the drunks of Kampala. Hearing it was Saki I could not hold my tongue but ask for a taste.

Trust me after having about six glasses of it. Waking up to a numb cheeks the next morning isn’t one of my profound moments but so worth it.

 Six different Japanese stood right there and a round for all was going to be in order after all this is the Japanese festival. All had to be savoured. Lol

Kanji Calligraphy

This got any one at the festival intrigued and interested in at least finding out what their precious names meant in Japanese.

Graceful as their names were being drawn on paper. The excitement among the on lookers waiting in line was exciting itself.

Murmurs going about what does my name really mean in Japanese got me not only excited but scared as well.

Believe it or not when your name meant death or calamity you should be worried. Not that there was anyone whose name meant that.

Finding out what my name “Hudson” mean was actually scary hoping it is something to be worried about like anyone with a name meaning death or calamity.

Oops I have reached my word limit it. If you’re still curious what my name means please leave a comment below.

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