Pros and Cons of WordPress CMS Platform

Pros and Cons of WordPress CMS Platform

WordPress is a famous CMS platform that significantly simplifies the process of building a website or a blog. It is free to download, modify, and adapt; popular among small business owners and bloggers, particularly for its flexibility. We all are familiar with this platform, but you might be confused about whether it’s the right platform for your website or not. To help you decide, we are breaking down the pros and cons of WordPress.

Pros of Using WordPress CMS Platform

Let’s dive into the true advantages of WordPress:

Included SEO

One of the amazing benefits of WordPress is that the platform is quite SEO-friendly. It means when you build a website in WordPress, it will already be indexed by search engines and will automatically rank higher. You can get search engines optimized themes out of the box as well. Moreover, you get plugins like Yoast to help streamline the process of optimizing blog posts and individual pages.  

Highly Flexible

With WordPress, you can develop almost any kind of website. The CMS Platform is highly flexible because of the never-ending combination of plugins and themes and a solid framework. It means you can create an art portfolio, a hotel booking site, an online shop, a personal blog, or a directory, all within the same platform. You can do this even using the same theme.

Mobile Responsive and Friendly

The platform is designed to be mobile-friendly and responsive. All the themes of this program are responsive out of the box. The site you’ll create by it will look good on every device, and it is one of its remarkable pros.

Easy to Get Started

It is quite easy to start with, particularly if you’re are choosing a third-party host that provides one-click installation. The host will guide you through the setup process like setting site colors, naming the site, picking an initial theme, and so on. You’ll be able to launch a very simple site in a couple of hours with minimal effort from your side. You just need the content for your site; the actual setup process is child’s play.

Frequent Updates

The Platform gets frequent updates, both to fix security issues and bugs and for new features. With frequent updates, you get better security, a better user experience for your visitors, and faster load time. It means you’ll get constant access to new tools so that you can create the best possible site for you. You can even get automated site updates. Most plugins and themes get updates frequently, creating a level of support that other site-building tools can’t replicate.

Third-Party Tools Integration

WordPress has the capability to integrate well with third-party tools. You can configure it to automatically share your latest Instagram posts, Facebook, and Twitter with just a few clicks. You can use automation tools such as IFTTT to initiate particular actions when different parameters are met. By using plugins, you can experience greater integrations with productivity tools such as Slack and Trello. You can also have new posts shared to different social media channels upon publication.


It is super easy to scale up. If you launch a simple website on a small hosting plan having minimal features, you can easily upgrade anytime to create a robust experience. You can transform your website into something completely new whenever you want to. So, even if you launch your website as a portfolio, you can add an online store later whenever needed. The combination of scalability and flexibility of this CMS platform is truly amazing.

Cons of WordPress

This platform offers a number of options, but there are some reasons not to go for it as well.

Updates and Security Maintenance

Although frequent updates are quite beneficial, but managing them yourself will consume a lot of your time. If you fail to do them, you’ll be at the risk of hacking, and if you manage them, they break your workflow. Managing the whole website is your responsibility which means you have to optimize SEO, speed it up, and ensure the site’s security.

Overwhelming Options

WordPress has a lot of features, which is a pro and a con at the same time. Having so many features makes it challenging to learn to make the most of the platform. You’ll need to have a proper plan regarding what you want for your website before starting development; otherwise, the options will make it overwhelming for you. If you don’t prefer too many options, then WordPress might not be the right choice for you.

Expensive Customization

Most of the plugins and themes are free, but if you want a fully customized site, it’s going to cost you some amount. Premium plugins and themes can be expensive. Additionally, if you want more extensive changes to your design, you must have coding knowledge too. Else, you’ll have to hire a professional designer, and it will cost you as well.

Potential for Plugin Bloat

While thousands of WordPress plugin options are there, adding flexibility can also lead to potential plugin bloat. It means that your site's speed and performance will slow down because of the excessive use of plugins. Plugins add functionalities to your website, but you can also notice a drastic drop in the overall performance and load speed of your website.


WordPress is extremely famous among developers, and you see it everywhere online. But the popularity doesn’t mean that it is the right CMS platform for your website. From the pros and cons, you can now make a decision accordingly to proceed with your website design plans.

Keeping all these points in mind, you must consult with a CMS expert while building a WordPress website. One such organization is Xavor Corporation. Xavor offers cutting-edge CMS solutions for reducing operational costs and time through advanced engagement metrics. Whether you are looking for a CMS platform for your organization or want to migrate from another CMS, we can help you out.

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There is another major issues with wordpress is that, it is very easy to hack.

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