Interesting Facts About Kashmir Sapphire

Interesting Facts About Kashmir Sapphire

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In December 2012, a gem weighing 8.91 carats from the Kashmir Old Mines sold for a record-breaking US$ 154,000 per carat. Though the gemstone may be small, its rich colour and velvet-like appearance have made it one of the most expensive gems in the world. The following are some interesting facts about Kashmir sapphire. Read on to discover what makes this stone so desirable. A ring featuring a 7.8 ct Kashmir sapphire sold for a record-breaking US$ 150 000, while a single-carat piece of the same size sold for US$ 80,000.

The GIA report identified the stone as a natural sapphire from Kashmir. It had the characteristics of a faceted gemstone, with a relatively even spread of blue color. The crystal's crystal structure was confirmed by a high-precision CT scan, and its spectral data, including classic metamorphic UV-Vis absorption spectra, the 3309 peak series, and microscopic observation of unexplained internal features. This was also supported by the low-Fe chemistry of the rock.

A study by Tom D. LaTouche, Deputy Superintendent of the Geological Survey of India, concluded that the Old Mine deposit produced a limited variety of high-quality and large-sized Kashmir sapphires. The discovery of additional deposits in the area was a result of the court's order, and the Indian government granted the diamond company the permission to begin mining. The new king of the region, Maharaja Sir Pratap Singh, became very concerned about the loss of his wealth, and ordered an army of soldiers to guard the area where the gem deposits occurred.

The uniqueness of Kashmir sapphires also known as cashmere sapphire is owed to their inclusions. The small internal features that make this gem velvet blue are a result of the heat-treated minerals inside it. These internal features are considered part of the sapphire's beauty, and are a natural treasure. A stone with pargasite inclusions is considered to be a rare specimen. The inclusions also indicate the region of origin. In addition, a ring crafted from a kaolinized sapphire from Kashmir has a high price tag.

The history of Kashmir sapphires in the world has been obscured by the difficult terrain and political factors that have prevented the mining of other gem minerals. In the 19th century, the Sumjam mine was the only known site of a rare sapphire deposit. This deposit was only productive for a brief time. It was not productive for several years. Because of these factors, production of Kashmir sapphires has decreased in recent decades.

Moreover, the gemstone has specific characteristics that make it unique. For example, a single Kashmir sapphire can be different from another in the same region. For example, a Kashmir sapphire may contain corroded zircons, while a Sri Lankan sapphire may have inclusions of pargasite needles and dravite. Despite the fact that many types of Kashmir sapphires are found, the difference between them can be easily spotted by careful microscopic examination.

As the Kashmir Sapphire is so rare, it is important to find a reputable jeweler. While it is difficult to find an uncut Kashmir sapphire in the market, it is rare enough to be worth a bargain. A heart-shaped blue Kashmir ring may be a great bargain at a fraction of its original price. The same applies to a ring made of the same gemstone. However, there is no set price for a piece of jewelry made from it.

The Kashmir Sapphire is considered to be the world's finest sapphire. Its velvety color is a result of the parallel silk lines running through it. The stones are also known as sleepy and velvety, and their unique rutile inclusions have made them a legend. A few of the largest Kashmir sapphires were discovered in 1882. Until 1905, only a few of these gems had been purchased commercially.

Despite their rarity, Kashmir sapphires have a rich, cornflower blue hue that has made them some of the most valuable coloured gemstones in the world. While they are not the most expensive sapphires in the world, they are still considered to be one of the most precious in the world. Considering their rarity, the gems have been valued at $1-1.5 million by buyers. The price of a single stone in the range is approximately $250,000.

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