Career options after GST Course

Career options after GST Course

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The Goods and Services Tax regime unlocked a plethora of career opportunities for the people of India. If you are looking for career opportunities that you can unwind after a GST Course with certification, then read this article to know about the job profiles and career options that you can pick up from! If you want you can also learn about the reasons for hiring accounting solutions company by businesses and organizations.


Career options after GST Course


Jobs-Related Options


1.GST Practitioner


GST Practitioner is a person who is authorized under section 48(1) to be able to provide tax returns of a registered taxable person of India. To become a GST practitioner, one has to apply at the GST portal for the GST practitioner exam. Clearing this exam makes one an authorized GST practitioner. 


Roles and responsibilities of a GST practitioner: 


  • furnish outward supplies details
  • file returns
  • filing annual returns
  • make credit deposits into e-cash ledger
  • file refund claims 
  • file for cancellation of registration

The average annual salary for a GST Practitioner plus accounts manager is INR 4.9 – 6.4 lakhs in India.


2.Account or E-accountant

An accountant is entrusted with the roles and responsibilities of maintaining financial records and accounts. Moreover, he is entitled to make a record of the economical pursuits of the company and update the same to investors, managers, and creditors. 


An E-accountant or electronic accountant is a person who sources the documents and accounts in digital form using software and tools. In this digital world where everything comes in handy on a digital platform, e-accountant drafts all the accounts entries digitally rather than conventional pen and paper method.


Roles and responsibilities of an accountant:


  • create sales and cash flow reports
  • administer payroll
  • maintain balance sheets
  • maintain billing activities
  • managing budgets
  • keep inventory
  • tax filing

Without a doubt, this is one of the best career options after the GST course- provided that you have ample knowledge about accounts. 

According to Payscale, the average salary of an accountant is ₹249,514, which is sure to rise with the accumulated experience.


3.Internal Audit GST Executive


An Audit GST executive examines the accounts and records of a registered business by analyzing the turnover, GST paid amount, refunds, claimed Input Tax Credit, etc. Under the executive, an audit team works towards ensuring and rectifying any discrepancies. Thus, maintaining compliance with the GST law. 


In India, the average salary for an Internal Audit Executive is ₹4,24,204.


4.Finance Manager


The finance manager is accountable for the financial strength of the organization. With excellent analytical and communication ability, finance managers assist executives in making decisions.  


Roles and responsibilities of a finance manager:

  • produce financial reports
  • investment activities.
  • develop financial plans and strategies for the organization


Apparently, finance managers work in varied industries including banking, investment firms, and insurance companies. 


In India, the average salary for a Finance Manager is ₹993018. 


5.Account and Finance head


Head of accounts and finance department supervises all the financial and account resources of the company. Ultimately, the head is responsible for the complete financial health of the company. 


Roles and responsibilities of Account and Finance Head


  • to create forecasting finance models
  • risk assessments
  • securing the compliance of accounts with regulations.
  • predict monthly, quarterly, and yearly results
  • approve or disapprove budgets 
  • investment-related decisions
  • Allot resources and manage cash flow
  • Consult board members for funds
  • think of cost-reducing solutions

Experience in crafting financial strategies and managing account teams is something that will make you fit in this highly remarkable position. 


In India, the average salary for a Head of Finance is ₹ 18,13,015.


6.Tax Consultants


Tax consultants guide their clients to save money through tax-related issues. Through mustering data about the client's business and financial scenario, they deduce ways to reduce tax liabilities by leveraging input tax credits and deductions.


Roles and responsibilities of tax consultants


  • ensure tax compliance by clients
  • ensure people pay what they owe as taxes
  • minimize tax liabilities for clients
  • utilize deductions, tax credits, and adjustments 


According to Payscale, the average salary for a Tax Consultant is ₹517388.


Apart from these top-rated job profiles, other career options after the GST course could be:


  • GST head
  • e-filing expert
  • accounts manager
  • tax advocate
  • tax professional


Business-related Career Options after GST Course


If working under others or jobs is not your kind of thing, then you can venture into your own business-related career options after GST Course.


Start-up your own Agency or Consultancy


Setting up your own tax consultancy, you can deliver your expert guidance to your clients by helping them make informed financial and taxation decisions about their business or organization. 


The benefit of owning a consultancy is that you can attract as many clients from different fields of business and work with them to establish your name among one of the top GST consultancy agencies. 


As every small, medium and large enterprise is obliged under the GST Act, they seek the best possible solutions to save taxes. Hence, setting up a tax consultancy is a great business idea. 


Work for Solopreneurs


Another career path you can choose after the GST course is to look for A-rated solopreneurs who require GST practitioners to guide them on tax compliance, refunds, and returns. 


Seemingly, the salary here depends on your skills, experience, and bargain. 


Final Word


Conclusively, GST has opened up various career avenues for people having in-depth knowledge about Goods and Services tax rules, compliance, refunds, returns, input tax credit, and more!

Anyone with a certification in GST, hard work, and perseverance can build a great career for themselves!

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