The Struggle Of Being an Introvert

The Struggle Of Being an Introvert

I know that struggle. It is that thing you sometimes want to form into a ball and joke around with. It is not always beautiful. While being an introvert is beautiful, it has its own struggle; as if it's not enough that those on the other end think you weird, the struggle comes. What do you do?

Ever wondered why the world see introverts as abnormal people? It's because the world, sometimes, prove theories based on what the majority says. Puppies drink milk; any puppy that rejects milk is abnormal.

You are abnormal because you do not roll in with the majority; You are weird because your energy gets drained when you are with people and gets restored when you are alone, meanwhile it is the other way round for majority (extroverts).

The struggle of letting something go; something dear, because you can't hold on.

You do something, and someone else takes the glory. You keep mum 'cos you can't even argue or shout; but you know 'not everyday is Christmas'

Some knowledge you lack because of your inability to embrace them

Some skills you'd love to engage yourself with but you can't

Some decisions you should make but you doubt your capability

Those things you let go, as a result of 'how people react(ed) towards it'. It hurts you; gets into you.

When asking something from someone is the most difficult thing ever...

This struggle. I know it.

Not everyone can fight it. You can't always fight it.


Sometimes, you snap out of this struggle and see yourself getting better. There are times when you want to lend the extroverted mind for a moment. You try to understand how exactly your self-esteem is connected to your personality.

You want to get up and do what other people do too, but this personality you house, won't allow you.

A 'concerned' colleague of mine shared an article with me earlier this week tagged “the quiet doctor” by George Gillett, a medical student in the University of Oxford. Just yesterday, she asked if I had read it. Told her NO but I would before the end of the day, and oh yes! I did.

Reading the article gave me a feeling I can't really explain; a mixed feeling. I felt my heart bubbling while I read through, knowing that there's someone out there who understands the struggle I go through; no, not one person 'cos with the quotes embedded in the article, I could tell there are many—maybe not too many—others who feel the same way. At the same time, I felt sober, probably because of how the whole thing seem like we are being clipped off the crowd. Like sick people taken away from the healthy ones…

I'm not a sad/depressed introvert; I used to be close to that when I hadn't seen the light. I'm proud to be one and glad of who I am and yet to be.

Many think me a bore, loner, and all sorts. Sometimes, I really wish I could let you into my head for a while, to know how many conversations I engage in; the funny ones that lits up my smile on the road. I wish I could allow you into my personal space and let you know all I do; there are lots of things to do! Lots! So I laugh or smile when people ask if I'm not always bored, before giving a NO. I get bored, it's normal, but not always!

I notice the little changes in me, have a beautiful relationship with myself, keep becoming…

We all need people in our lives. Allow people to bless you and be a blessing to others. You shouldn't cut out the world all because you want to breathe. Take it one step at a time, and you will get there. Be proud of your personality; enjoy it; see your weakness as strengths and make them beneficial in every way possible. You shouldn't be out-of-the-norm for nothing.

Doesn't change the fact the struggle is real. We only learn how to fight them and let them not hinder us from amazing things or deprive us our rights.


Are you an introvert too? Want to say something? I'd love to hear your view...

Published by Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole

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