"Where there is kindness, there is goodness and where there is goodness, there is magic" - Cinderella

Almost, if not every girl always dreamed of becoming a princess at one time or the other in life....either as children or reveries in our teenage or young adult lives. At least, I know I did and today I am not only a princess but a QUEEN. Dreams do come true, you know?

How I love fairy tales! I do not belong to the school of thought that says it is mere fantasy or meant solely for children. Fairy tales for me is a safe haven from the harsh reality of life. It fills me with possibilities and hope for a great and beautiful life. It again and again reiterates how great virtues can always glide me through the storms of life.

I too have had my shares of life's unfairness but I survived it because of God's grace. I survived it because I chose to look towards the bright and beautiful future that lay ahead of me. I survived it because I could see the rays of sunshine as they streaked into the tunnel where life's crap buried me. I survived because I chose to be happy no matter what. I survived it because I chose to live, laugh and love. And sure, my handsome prince charming found me.

Despite the fact that fairy tales are make-believe, the happily-ever-after in these stories doesn't even come easy too. Let's see a few of them:

Cinderella had a golden childhood filled with so much love from her parents but all that changed when she was left at the mercy of her step-mother and step-sisters after she became an orphan.


Rapunzel was locked in the tower for so long a time and shut out from the beauty of the world and life itself by the vain woman, Gothel who stole her from her parents..

Snow White suffered at the hands of her evil step-mother who wanted her dead just because she feared that Snow White's beauty would one day surpass hers and her magic mirror confirmed this fear by revealing Snow White as the "fairest of them all".

Aurora, the sleeping beauty was forced into a deep, eternal sleep by the wicked witch, Maleficent who was maddened because she wasn't invited to the christening of baby Aurora.

Belle, who had a great love for books and knowledge, gave up her freedom to take up her father's place in the captivity of the hideous beast.

.....and it goes on and on.

However, it is obvious from these stories that these beautiful Disney princesses didn't have it all good and rosy. They had their own share of life's stress and challenges but braved it all into the bliss of happily-ever-after, having virtues as their unbeatable strengths.


No matter the blows life threw at them, their spirits were never broken. They took solace in the fact that it would get better at the end. They daydreamed a lot and imagined lots of good things happening to them and of course they eventually did.

I know you may be wondering what point I am trying to make in this post. It is simple - CAPITALIZE ON VIRTUES TO SCALE THROUGH LIFE'S HURDLES.

Life is not as scary and complicated as we sometimes fear. It really can be easy if only we choose to let it be so. What was the real source of beauty for these Disney princesses? It was nothing short of their beautiful hearts and kind souls. Cinderella always said, "Have courage and be kind" and that was the principle she lived by despite the hell her step-mother put her through.

And what was the reason for the wicked, evil acts of the guardians who tormented the lives of these princesses? Jealousy and envy of their beautiful innocent hearts. Hmmmmmm!!!....What was it that Cinderella's step-mum gave in response to her being cruel to Cinderella? She said, "Because you are young and innocent and good..."

When faced with life's challenges, how do we respond? Do we become so angry and turn nasty? I maintain that a good and beautiful heart filled with rich virtues is the one perfect way to combat evil and wickedness. Violence is never the answer. Evil can never counter evil. That is the work of good. 

Nothing gets at the heart of evil as much as good.

Why choose to be wicked when you can just as easily be good? Why choose to hate when love is more beautiful? Why choose to be arrogant, rude and proud when humility is such a gorgeous crown to adorn your glorious self? All it takes to get the best out of life is for you to be true to yourself. In every princess story, there is always a villain and a heroine.


The question therefore remains - WHO ARE YOU?

When the magic of the golden carriage and glass slippers in the form of wealth, fame and fortune fades away, who is the real you behind the ragged and tattered clothes? Cinderella's step-mum wasn't born evil or wicked. She chose that path when she couldn't handle life's challenges. She chose to live unhappily-ever-after.

Who is the real you when you no longer have the golden crown or great ball dress on? In essence, who is the real you when the road of life is bumpy and rough?

Wherever there is good and happiness, sadness and sorrow always rears its ugly head. How do you act in life's unfair circumstances? Do you take the memories of special moments and let them just be enough for you as you wait for the sun to come out again after the storm or do you give up on life and yourself and begin to act out.....becoming rude, insulting or even think suicide is an easy way out?


Does your elevated status or position in the society alter your personality and transform you from the beautiful, sweet lady you used to be into a conceited, arrogant and pompous shrew?

Life is too short to pretend. Life is too short to be unhappy. Life is too short to live the life others have fashioned for you. Follow your heart. Have courage and be kind enough to see how much you deserve happiness. You are every bit worthy of love, respect and care.

When all else fades, what actually stays with you is YOU. So treat yourself well.

I do believe in magic. I do believe in miracles....and sure I do not have a fairy godmother or a magic lamp but I have someone much, much better. I have someone who not only changes pumpkins into golden carriages or transforms a tattered gown into a beautiful ball dress and have them turn back again at the stroke of midnight. I have the source and originator of miracles; I have He who at the mention of the word, life is forever altered for the best; I have He who with a command of His word, the sea divides for me to pass through.

I have God Almighty the creator of the universe. I have Jesus, who sacrificed Himself for me out of great love. I have the Holy Spirit who is my guardian and ever-faithful friend, companion and teacher.

He is the source and originator of love and anywhere He is, life blossoms in beauty, love and greatness and the best part is it's free. It costs nothing to be kind to others instead it sure brings a rain of blessings on you. It costs nothing to truly love others instead it brightens your world and by extension the world at large.

When life is good, we are comfortable and "happy". However, your true self is revealed when life presents you with tests and trials. Who are you then? Do you let the frustrations of life eat so deep into you and make you become a cranky, cruel shrew? Do you settle to hate others who apparently "have things going easy" while you wallow in suffering? Do you let the blows of life make you so hateful and envious of others?


Sweetheart, trials and tests of life is meant to bring out our truest and realest self. You may be sad but never let your spirit be broken because after the storm, the sun must shine again. I sometimes see life as a being in itself. Yea, I know it sounds crazy and it doesn't make sense but I do sometimes see it that way. How do I mean?

I think even life believes in the greatness and strength in every being. It presents us with trials and tests because it believes in our capacity to push past our boundaries and become the best of who we are. How we see and take life in the worst of times is our truest self revealed as against who we are in the good times.

We each have our needs and wants but the greatest desire of any one is to be truly loved and accepted for who they really are because deep down in our hearts we know that is the only thing we actually have at the end when all the fame and fortune is gone.

So again I ask, WHO IS THE REAL YOU?

The biggest risk anybody can ever take is to be seen as they really are. For it is what lies deep within you that reflects in your external features. The curves and pretty face would fade but the you in you forever remains. So no matter how much wrinkles you get, no matter how much teeth you lose, no matter how much hair falls off your head, a beautiful woman remains one with a beautiful heart and a kind soul.


Love, kindness, laughter, happiness, joy, peace, courage, smiles, goodness are beautiful flowers that beautifies the garden of the soul. The fragrance from these beautiful flowers goes ahead of you to pave the way of favors and blessings for you.

So will the real you be enough to face the world? Sure you have made mistakes and errors in life....Granted, you are not perfect but then again, no one is. These mistakes are life's lessons to teach you something of value. If Cinderella's step-mum and step-sisters didn't frustrate her into running off into the forest, how could she have met the prince? If Belle's father wasn't captured, how would she have met the beast and transformed him into the handsome prince?

Have a courageous, strong and brave spirit. Choose to be happy even in difficult times. Uplift your spirit with beautiful music that helps you see the great future that awaits you. Never choose anger or any vice as a cover for your weakness and pain. Do not think picking on other people or being mean is a show of power and strength but on the contrary.

Challenge yourself today. In your very circumstance, look deep within yourself and answer the question - WHO AM I? Decide to take a different route as a step towards becoming the best of yourself.

  • Try kindness as against being cold-hearted.
  • Try courage as against having a broken spirit.
  • Try smiles as against frowns.
  • Try being cheerful as against bitterness.
  • Try kind words as against hurtful and harmful words.
  • Try humility as against pride.
  • Try happy thoughts as against depressing thoughts.
  • Try endurance and perseverance as against giving up.
  • Try patience as against impatience.
  • Try sweet beautiful music, happy memories as against sadness.
  • Try truly living as against dying.

For every hardship and challenge we face in life, there is always an underlying good and greatness underneath it. All it takes is for us to be patient and persevere through the hard times and at the end, our foot will fit into the glass slipper.

So dear one, be happy at all times and Stay Dashing, Dazzling and Daring.

Thank you so much for reading this article. I hope you find it every bit interesting and inspiring. Kindly visit my blog, www.khuanascorner.com for more inspiring and motivating articles that promises to give you the secrets to a happy life.

Have you ever learnt any lesson of value from movies or fairy tales? If yes what lessons did you learn and how have they helped you become a better you? I can't wait to read your comments. Be sure to leave them below in the comment box.

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