10 Inspiring Book Blog Ideas to Keep Readers Coming Back For More.

10 Inspiring Book Blog Ideas to Keep Readers Coming Back For More.

Nov 23, 2021, 7:03:11 PM Creative

If you are an avid reader, then running a book blog can be a great way to share what you are truly passionate about and make extra money doing that. It’s an excellent way to connect with other book lovers from across the globe and receive more book recommendations. But writing a book review after the other can become quite monotonous and tiresome. Don’t get me wrong, every book opens a new world with countless possibilities to enjoy. Words and stories can have a profound impact on one’s life. But bringing fresh and new content to your blog can help maintain follower engagement and give you something new to discuss. If you can’t find the time out of your busy schedule to regularly post on your book blog like you used, you can avail article and blog writing services from websites that provide book writing services.

Benefits of Using Book Writing Services

There are countless benefits of availing book writing services, as they provide high-quality content that helps boost user engagement and increase exposure. Their team of professionals take the hard work off your hands by providing excellent service at cost-effective prices.

Book Blog Ideas

There are many topics, mostly related to books, that you can write about if you are feeling trapped with just writing book reviews. What’s important is to write content that will keep your readers asking for more. Here are 10 inspiring and interesting book blog ideas to keep readers flowing:

·        Book Lists

Blog readers, especially bookworms, love reading about their favorite book bloggers opinions and ratings on different books. Step away from popular and classic books for this one. Introducing new books with short summaries can make it easier for your readers to choose what they want to read next. You can divide book lists into a good amount of book blogs. For example, you can write about a list of period books, set in different eras. Or a list of books from less recognized authors, who are still on their path to becoming successful authors. Or a list of books that famous political figures and celebrities have recommended.

For more specific content that will target unique interests of your readers, you can curate themed lists. From books about popular holidays to global days, which shed light on the achievements of minorities, women, and more.

·        Write Series Reviews

Book series can quite lengthy and time-consuming compared to other books. And many book series start of great, but eventually lose their plot by either killing of a beloved character or adding too many characters, making it difficult to keep track of the main plot. Many book series plots are not even folding in a chronological order. With so much happening, readers want to know whether a book series is worth investing time in. Where is the best place to look for a review? Yes, their favorite or, at least, a popular book blogger. Series reviews can pique the interests of many readers, not only old ones but new ones too!

·        Book to Film Adaptation Reviews

Majority of movies being made nowadays are usually based on books or book series. Now, booklovers have faced great disappointment when their favorite books have been turned into not such great movies or shows. But there is still hope for directors and producers to get books right. Before starting any movie, which is based on a book, readers will be intrigued to read what t a fellow booklover has to say about it. These reviews are more than likely to be a hit among your blog readers. So, go for it!

·        Feature an Author Interview

If you have been reading and blogging about it for a while, it is like that you have read books from popular authors to new authors. And maybe you’ve reviewed all the works of some authors. If any of the relatively new writers’ work has struck a chord with you, then it’s not a bad idea to reach out to them for a little interview. Upcoming authors are usually looking for opportunities like these to dive deep into the subjects of their work, providing their readers with an inside look. A book blog with a large amount of following is just the perfect place for writers to discuss their work.

·        All-time Favorite Books

If you haven’t already written a book blog about your favorite books, this is the perfect time to do that. These kinds of lists are personal and provide readers with a chance to get to know more about you. With this list, your readers will have a better idea about the kind of books you’ll review in the future.

·        Favorite Book Characters

This is another interesting topic to discuss. In this list, you can discuss about different characters that you might’ve resonated with, or liked, or just wished they were real, and the reasons behind it. You can encourage your readers to share their all-time favorite characters in the comments and engage in a discussion with them.

·        Favorite Book Quotes

Similarly, you can dig into some of your favorite books to see if you underlined or highlighted any memorable lines. Make a list and share them with your readers.

·        Blogging Tips for Newbies

If you are an experienced book bloggers, you can use this experience to help out other new or inspiring book bloggers with useful tips and hacks to produce engaging content. Share social media strategies that have personally helped you attract more readers. This can encourage other people to share their love for books and make money out of it.


·        Favorite Book Covers

Booklovers know how important book covers can be for initial appeal. For many, it is the first thing that draws them to particular books. You can share images of your favorite books covers, along with the message they portray, how the colors and imagery make you feel, and how they relay the plot of the book.

·        Share Your Experience at a Book Event

If you have been to any book fair, book bloggers meet up, or book signing event, share your experience with your readers. Write about the best part of the event and how you connected with other people in a gathering of booklovers, what you learned, and hoped to teach others.

There are many more ideas similar to this list that you can choose from for your next book blog. If you feel like you have discussed almost everything, you can avail book writing services at book writing cube, where experts will produce highly-engaging content for you to post with your readers. 

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