7 Ways to Use Social Media to Launch a Book

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7 Ways to Use Social Media to Launch a Book

Nov 29, 2021, 11:20:59 AM Creative

Social media platforms are the fastest growing spaces for promotions, communication, launches, and so much more. Fifteen years ago, for an author to launch or promote their books, they would have to go through different lengthy processes with magazines, journals, and reviewers to help spread the word about their work. But as technological advancements were made, book launches and promotions became easier and fasters with the use of social media platforms. There are millions of consumers on different platforms looking for new content to promote and read. Authors can use this advantage to increase awareness about their latest works.

Social media has made it significantly easier for thousands and millions of users to engage with the latest book releases. Especially when compared to the traditional press. If you, as an author, use the advantage of launching or promoting your book on social media platforms correctly and creatively, you can save a considerable amount of money. Many books writing websites like book writing experts provide different book writing services that help authors turn their brilliant ideas into real books and help them launch and promote them on social media.

From fiction to non-fiction books, all types of genres of the literary world are being promoted on social media nowadays. The global pandemic has also caused a significant shift of focus to the digital world. Authors around the world have been able to drive pre-launch and post-launch books sales. While the sales and popularity heavily depend on the contents of a book, the social media marketing aspect has also played a crucial role in recent years. With an effective and creative social media marketing campaign for your book, you can increase book sales without spending many resources. The easiest way to do this is by choosing a good book writing company, which also provides launching and promotional services at affordable prices. But how do the experts do it? How do they run successful launching and promotional campaigns for books using social media platforms? We have the answer to that question!

How Book Writing Website Services Use Social Media to Launch a Book

·        Offer access to a free chapter

This is a great way to get your audience excited about your upcoming book. By offering access to a free chapter of the book on your website with a button to share your content on different social media platforms, you can gain a lot of clicks and your readers' attention. If they like what they are reading, your readers will definitely share the chapter's link or appealing quotes with their family and friends. When your book launches, these readers will be among the first to purchase it! Through this method, you can boost engagement and sales.

·        A Facebook Contest

Starting a Facebook contest is one of the most engaging and creative ways to increase your following and attract new readers. It is also great to get the word around about the launch of your book. Your SMM team can ask your followers to show you some love by sharing and liking your content, as well as tagging their friends. And return offer away to give out some free copies of your latest book to the winners. They can also ask your readers to post creative pictures or any fun activity regarding the genre or plot of your book. The more creative the contest is, the more people are likely to participate.

·        Regularly Post Engaging Content

Launching a book through social media is more than just audience engagement and promotional pages. Posting high-quality content on a daily basis is just as important, if not more. Some authors struggle with writing catchy content regarding their book, and this is where a book writing company's content writing experts take the lead. Professional writers create highly-engaging and creative content for the sole purpose of getting your audience commenting, liking, and sharing. An active page keeps a book launch's buzz alive.

·        Instagram Campaign

The social media marketing team will create a separate account to launch and promote the author's book. Running an Instagram campaign is an effective and successful method because of the various ways you can interact with users. From images and tags to live videos and stories, Instagram provides many opportunities to promote a book. With about a billion monthly users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms globally. That is why Instagram campaigns always prove to be impactful.

·        Ask Bloggers to Review Your Book

Making blogging appearances is a great technique when it comes to book launches or promotions. Book bloggers usually have thousands of daily readers. So, asking famous bloggers to review your book and post it on their blogs is a great way to get the exposure you need. Your SMM team can also send a few copies to the bloggers, and they can give away the copies to their readers. The bloggers can share permalinks of their reviews on other social media platforms for more exposure. As the author, you can do the same on your social media accounts as well as share the links with different blog communities.

·        Author Fan Club

An experienced social media marketing expert knows the impact of creating a dedicated community where readers can connect and share their thoughts on the author's work. The creations of an author fan club page lead to more interaction among readers. It also helps the author build a strong relationship with their readers. This strategy has proven to be successful for countless authors around the world. Your team can organize live video sessions, during which you can answer all the questions your readers may have regarding your book. Readers enjoy being able to connect with the author on a personal level.

·        Launch a Twitter Campaign

SMM experts know how powerful of a tool Twitter is for marketing, especially for book launches and promotions. Running a Twitter campaign can help increase sales and help authors make it to bestsellers lists. The most important part about running a Twitter campaign is using a unique hashtag, usually something that is similar to your book's title or a shortened version of it. The hashtag can make your book more recognizable to users and can be used to start discussions about the book.

Many book writing websites offer more detailed services that can help your book become the next best sellers. Their social media marketing experts make the most use of social media platforms to get the word around your book's launch and promote it efficiently. Here, we list just some of the effective ways social media platforms can be used to launch a book.

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