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The day was lying on the floor,

Dazed, stunned and surprised

As she looked over her shoulder,

I looked into her eyes.


She said; ‘please can you help me up?

I can’t make it alone.

Wish I had a companion here –

Alas, I’m on my own.’


I reached out to her with helping hand –

With strength, I faced the day.

Come join me, and sun, and later, moon

And rid yourself – away


From petty muse and solitude –

No company found there.

She thought in haste while on her knees,

Then touched my hand with care.


And my hand gripped her afternoon,

Her evening and her morn’.

With a wan smile, I looked away –

She turned to touch the dawn.


The sunrise brought her daylight’s beam –

Her face would chance the sky.

That made her reminisce and curse

What she had left behind.


Humidity – she’d suffocate –

Pollutant-free, she’d breathe the air,

When, behind time, she ran at speed

And slipstream injured her.


The sunlight made her day feel warm –

By noon, the cloud had burst,

And crying eyes fell from the sky –

Salt water died of thirst.


She trudged the mud left from that sky

That flowed like dam had spurt.

The day would come to build again

And consecrate the earth.


Followed through the crowded daylight

Left by glowing sun –

Faced the day despite herself –

Her new dawn – overrun.

Published by Owen Tilley

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