Hark the wistful splendour

Hark the wistful splendour

Dec 3, 2016, 9:21:51 PM Creative

I recently wrote a poem in two parts, the first part at night just before I went to bed, the second part the next day in mid-morning. Here's a snippet of it in the form of the first two and last three stanzas. See what you think. I've entitled it 'Hark the wistful splendour'.


Hark the wistful splendour of the afterglow of garden

Hark the wistful splendour of the rain.

Hail the female gender of the human race since Eden

Hard to live without, to live with pain.


I saw the sunshine, streaming, from the day I opened eyes

A world that gives so little offers much.

I saw my Grandpa wheezing on the last day of his life

A day devoid of joyousness and such...


...Dependence upon you is met with reciprocity

A compromise like night that follows day.

Dependence upon you is met with serendipity

Belief my road’s direction can be laid


By someone other than myself, by someone just like you

The sunshine lights the darkness of my night.

By someone other than myself, by someone who is true

To chance encounters that became my lifetime’s flight.


You are my garden, you are my rain, my cloud, my light, my sun

From two we built a world for us as one

You are my wistful splendour, you are my race since Eden

Your soul within a life that’s just begun.

Published by Owen Tilley

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